My name is Shamin and I am currentlyworking in the warehouse of a manufacturing company. I have worked as awarehouse operative for two years. During this time I have been a part of afive person team.

Recently the management of this company felt there was a gapin the hierarchy of the warehouse team and asked if any current operativeswould like to apply for a new role as a warehouse co-ordinator. I applied andwas successful and am currently supporting a team of four including myself. My new role means that I must now manageand delegate duties to operatives on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I feltthat in order to be successful in this new role I needed to gain some insightas to how to more effectively manage people. I feel that this course materialwill help me to better understand my colleagues needs and give me the skillswhich will be key to gaining and building on a good working relationship suchas how to motivate, how I can be a better listener and how to time manage.

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Part 1 A   210 words                                                                                                                                       Examine& discuss role of leadership how it relates to management role inorganisationIn order for any business to thrive it musthave leadership and within this framework the role of manager meets this need.A manger will drive the business to perform, through individuals and teams, asforecast. A manger must have leadership qualities to achieve the best outcomewith regard to staff, outputs and time. (1) Prof John Adair’s Action-CentredLeadership Model is regarded as the ideal design of effective leadership for amanager.

The three key points to this model are based on what a manger does ina) Meeting the requirements and developing an individual, b) developing a Teamand c) accomplishing an undertaking. An effective leader will have achievedwell in all three of these areas. For example a manager who is primarily apeople person may have favourites leading to unsuitable promotion, criticism fromother staff, reduced co-operation and overlooking of potential talent.

Amanager who is more task orientated will ignore individuals needs in favour ofachieving a task leading to an individual feeling ignored or feeling notreliable and who will then not be inclined to communicate for the good of theorganisation any suggestions or ideas which might be of benefit. Also a managerwho leans more towards the Team can create an era of non-action due to theconstant need for a consensus for every task. A manager who has a tendencytowards one of these key areas and neglects the others has the potential toalienate individuals within an organisation. This will negatively impact on amanager’s ability to fulfil their role.


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