The essay is an analysis of the movie Titanic written and directed by James Cameron and was released on 19 December 1997 and runs for 194 minutes. The movie is a flashback an epic romance and tragedy, telling a story of Lovett who hunts for treasure. Together with his squad, he looks for heart of the ocean; a necklace they deemed was in Cal’s safe. What they found was a portrait of a woman dated 1912 14 April. Upon the knowledge of the portray, Dawson Calvert contacted Lovett, she was asked if she knew about the necklace and she said that indeed she was the one Rose DeWittone of the passengers deemed to have die when the ship sunk after hitting a iceberg. She retells how she boarded the ship in a first class with her fiance Cal a son of Pittsburgh rich man.

The latter’s parents stressed the importance of the two to marry. Being disturbed, Rose contemplated committing suicide. Just before she slips off the ship, Jack comes into the scene and convinces her not to do that. The two later established developed a mutual relationship. Cal together with his mother did not approve of this kind of friendship but Rose defied this kind of orders (‘Titanic’).

One moment she and jack found their way out of sight of Cal’s bodyguard, they went to room where Rose told Jack to draw her nude but putting on the necklace. It is later that thy made love. Cal discovered the portrait drawn by Jack. Cal framed Jack by lacing the necklace in Jacks coat who was later arrested. He was handcuffed. At this moment the ship had hit an iceberg and the ship was sinking, Cal, his mother and Rose were on board, the later escape to go and try to save Jack.

The two later managed to get back to the deck, at this point, Cal made Rose to board the lifeboat again with a promise that both Jack and Cal will be safe, the later then double-crossed Jack. Seeing this Rose found her way out to be with Jack in the sinking ship. With frustration, Cal ran after them while shooting. Shortage of ammunitions made him return and boarded the lifeboat.

While Jack and Rose were at the top of the deck people were dying since all life boats had disappeared. A panel that could support one person is what helped them, Jack died as a result of hypothermia. With the return of a lifeboat, Rose signaled the crew using a whistle; she is saved and goes to New York where she changed her name to Dawson Rose. She later went to Lovett’s ship and dropped the necklace.

This is one movie I like due to the romance, music soundtrack, the issue of social class. The kind of music played in the movie left me more connected with it, the song from Celine Dion “my Heart Will Go On” is in line with the love theme. Additionally, when the ship had hit an iceberg, the bandleader Henry called up his eight man team and started playing waltzes and ragtime. They all perished while sinking this was very touchy (‘Titanic’).

Another music that made me glued and really felt what was happening in the movie is a track titled, “Death of Titanic” this was an anticipation of what would happen later in the ship. The loud cries of those falling for death after the departure of all the lifeboats are the climax. The romantic scenes in the movie were a blast in my opinion. Romance started when Jack arrived just in time to persuade Rose not to commit suicide by falling from the ship. After that scene, it is evident that the two crafted there way out of Cal’s bodyguard.

In a room, Rose demanded to be drawn while putting on nothing other than there necklace. Similarly, there are other brief scenarios where the two made love, in the deck. It is indeed this love that makes each open yearn for the safety of the other. On the same note, the incident where jack and rose dance was also full of romantic expression. This made me and I bet more individuals who hold the same opinion like that of mine to love this movie. The death of Jack while with Rose is another memorable moment in this movie. Lastly, the issue of social stratification did come out clearly as it was well planned by Cameron. In any given set of a society, it is apparent that all individuals who constitute that society cannot be in the same class.

It is for this reasons that most of those aboard the ship lost their life. Majority was third and second class who could not be allowed to enter the lifeboats, those individuals in first class were saved (‘Titanic’). Additionally, Jack’s relationship with Rose was not approved just because he was from a lower class than that of Cal whose marriage with Rose was purported to solve the financial problem her family had. From the review of what makes me love the movie Titanic, are three main things the romantic scenes, the issue of social class and the sweet sound tracks and music.

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