My strong desire to do something for my four-legged friends has inspired within me the desire to set up an animal rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in the long run. With the increase in the number of animal abuse and the number of poaching cases, I wish to take this action on my part to help in conservation of our wildlife.

Being a follower of a Kenya based wildlife trust, one of the pioneering conservation organizations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa, I was greatly inspired by the first step taken by its founder and wish to do the same for our country. In order to achieve my long-term goal, I need management education to further enhance my understanding of the various aspects of management.I envision myself entering the corporate world to gain the holistic understanding of the industry, to gain experience and to learn how to handle different situations arising during the course of a business. With gaining experience in this area, I would like to join a social organization where I will be able to learn the working of social entities and approaches to different situations before setting up my own animal rescue and habilitation Centre.And an MBA is the crucial step towards my short and long-term goals.  I believe management education will help me to develop my skills, to increase my knowledge in the comprehensive understanding of how an organization works, how to start an organization. Management education will further provide me a platform where I can hone my skills to become a person who can effectively and efficiently manage an organization and works for its betterment.

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MBA will bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be. Since there are no shortcuts to success, I believe hard work, sincerity and discipline are essential and I constantly work to achieve my best in my task. I believe that NMIMS with an experienced faculty, a well-known alumni network and a dynamic peer group will provide a balanced exposure and connect my path to achieve my goals. 


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