My name is Brian Eudave and I am here to specify how the food in the school cafeteria matters to us students and for the future incomings health. The way I think about it is any time we eat food we are supposed to gain something out of it like fuel for the rest of the day. If you choose the wrong kind of food, you might run out of energy before the day is over. So what is the right kind of fuel? What does a healthy lunch look like?, there are many right answers to these questions.

One solution that can really benefit the students for a better success throughout school is teaching them all about food and its nutritional information, both good and bad. Another solution that can help the food being served is instead of serving packaged salads and other servings that the students most of the time throw away, the school district can build a salad bar and let the students grab what they want to consume and not force them to get the food they dislike.      As a student, I’ve eaten lots of food from the school cafeteria. I think that the schools food is part of what gives the energy to the students throughout a school day. Food is an important part of the day and it is eaten at school.

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It gives us energy for the rest of the day. At times it can be one of the biggest problems at our school. We are advised to eat healthy but we can’t always do that with the choices that are provided at our school. School foods are too rich in saturated fat and cholesterol. Therefore, this leads to a suggestion: Healthier, tastier foods and a better, advanced lunches system should be implemented. Teaching students that consuming healthy food is important not only to the school but it can expand to the whole country.

 According to Marilyn Briggs “Those that undergo a food policy development process, should plan on implementing a program of professional development for nutrition services staff. Professional development is a direct and critical investment in the individuals the district is counting on.(The Importance of Nutrition Education and Why It Is Key for Educational success Published October 10, 2010). If the school really considers this situation the students will have more energy to learn and get a better chance to success.         Having a fresh salad bar means Meals are healthier and better tasting not only because of more fresh produce but also because more meals are being made from scratch and less processed food is being served. Salad bars at schools mean that kids will have the choice of fresh vegetables and fruit every day and learn great, healthy eating habits for life. Eating a salad a day is one simple, effective, easy step toward a healthier nation.

More whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; low­fat milk dairy products; and less sodium and fat. All this will help the present but further generations if we take action now. Instead of narrowing students’ options to only what the school provides, schools should broaden their lunches to add more healthier options such as fruits and vegetables and eliminating unhealthy options.

By including options such as hamburgers and pizza as daily options for students, this allows little to nothing for students to obtain the necessary balance diets. Of course we live in a country that has free-will but we should all at least care about the futures health. The Article No Lunch Left Behind (By Alice Waters Katrina Heron) says ” when school districts allow fast food snacks in the lunchroom they provoke widespread ire, and rightfully so. But food distributed by the national school lunch program contains some of the same ingredients found in fast food , and the resulting meals routinely fail to meet basic nutritional standards. ” The food does contain fruits and vegetables but more of the bad foods than anything else.     Some may say that creating a nutrition class can increase the money being spent in the school district. Then they will be lacking on other things like materials in the classroom.

They say that either way if we change our school food, Everybody has a different eating habit. If people liked the same thing, everybody would be eating the same type of food. It is not like that though because there are skinny people, fat, vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers etc. everybody has different types of taste buds.

Some people may hate fruits but then they might love vegetables and vice versa. You cannot think that every person in this world has the same likes when it comes to food. But yet if the school has a salad bar on one side and on the other side has a tables for of junk food. Which do you think will finish first? Of course most of the students will go to the junk food table even if the salad bar is a choice for them. The Article Science Explains Why We Choose Junk Food Over Veggies (By Joanna Rothkopf ) says “When you’re making food choices — say, between chocolate cake and celery — an area of the brain called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex weighs in.It’s the part of the brain that calculates value,” said Dagher. When the researchers performed brain scans on the people bidding on foods, this region lit up and creates more attention for the cake.

” This why people have more interest in the junk food instead of grabbing the apple in front of them. Basically changing the food being served at school will not change people interest in choosing the unhealthy food rather than the healthy food.       With all the respect I believe the school foods can be changed if we all work together as students ,teachers, parents we will increase the health of  our families and to their families. I hope that students and even schools take a stand against unhealthy foods and start to lean more to healthier foods for a healthier more long life. 


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