My father says-“Adversity brings out the concrete in you”.And as i further my journey-academically,professionally or socially,I notice that this saying resonates with my journey so far.Coming from one of the most orthodox community from North India,where gender discrimination is prevalent, and Girl education doesnt concern anybody,My father fought hard to provide me and my sister equal footing,equal opputunities raising both of us just like he raised my brother.His utmost confidence in our capabilities,his trust in our choices and judgement,his support in every endeavour we took,no matter how crunched he was financially and socially reflects in my journey so far.Coming from such background had me inculcate values like determination for an undertook endeavour,striving to excell and never letting down those who put their trust in me and fought to provide me the oppurtunities i had.Since Childhood I have experienced the fruits of being truthful and passionate about what you do.

I cleared the state entrance test in class 5 for HRD,ministry of India’s sponsored boarding school JNV(Jawahara Navodaya Vidhyalaya) providing free and steller quality education from class 6 to high school.I worked hard each and everyday to bring the best out in me.I joined sports like Volleyball,I got better in High Jump as my athletic event and represented my state in National Level Athletics Meet in 2011,I joined extra-curriculars for further grooming of my personality.

I topped my state in Junior high and High school.Throughout the whole country, I was one of the 20 students who got selected for a 10 days long Education tour to JaPan sponsored by HRD Ministry,Govt of India based on academics and extra-curricular records.I was passionately following my dreams taking one step at a time,getting better in the next small thing that i undertook.In my high school,I gravitated towards computer science after witnessing the great information and technological revolution that was working wonder.The world of computers,its capability to solve real-life problems with computing paradigm,the change that followed in academic,social and personal lives of people with the fast advent of internet connectivity kept me awe-struck with this tremendously wonderful journey of computer science.  It kept my intellect,my imagination at spin and i wanted to be the part of this ever-evolving wonder called Information and tech revolution.Having being selected for one of the most esteemed college for my graduate studies and choosing computers science and engineering track was the first lap in my quest for the technical and theoretical excellence that i want to achieve in this field.

College provided the flexibility and freedom to develop one’s own methodology for problem-solving,structural and logical thinking and choosing further course of action based on one’s inclination.It provided the perfect learning environment which had me gravitated towards subjects like Database managements systems,Algorithm and Analysis,Discrete mathematics,Dats structures,Network security.My interest in mathematics modelling of problems,security and image processing helped me choose my final project.

My final year project involved investigating the current techniques for human Gait recognition,analysing the classical up-to-date solutions for each subtask involved and based on the analysis demonstrating the integrated solution.To improvise the recognition rate of existing methods for feature match,I used mathamatical methods on the acquired gait data paramaters by applying Principle Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis method to reduce dimentionality of data and offer better class seperatability to the feature data extracted.Applying PCA and LDA over traditional methods,fetched better recognition rate of 90% enhancing the robustness of the system.My demonstration program was coded in MATLAB and some optimization at coding and algorithm level was proposed to improve the performance of our recognition system. In my final year of graduation,I got placed in one of the core company of Computer Science,Samsung Research institute and joined MMP-SIM team in June 2013.To understand the basic architecture of SIM module,I delved into 3GPP TS 31.102 (Characteristics of the Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) application) and ISO/IEC 7816-3 which governs the SIM-CP,SIM-driver side interactions and got to know how proactive commands,hardware interrupts,elemantary file structure and authentication mechanism for USIM-Network works.As a team we implemented and supported USIM(Pure 3G SIMcard) functionalities in MMP platform to enhance the SIM phonebook capabilities.

The USIM implementationn comprised enhancing booting sequence of phone specific to 3G SIM,Handling of 3G SIM specific files,Phonebook parsing Engine design and implementation of API’s for interaction between driver layer, Phonebook UI module and Messaging module.I was given the responsibility to design PB parsing engine in C language whose main task was to parse the Phonebook data from different elementary SIM files and provide the decoded data to Phonebook module at reboot for Database and UI functionalities. As a fresh out from college,learning about the current 2G SIM booting sequence,flow of messages between various layers,placement of PB parser module in MMP architecture,designing its interaction or API’s with other module,at the same time optimising for minimum boot-up time for the SIM was quite an invigourating task. This activity helped me realise the value of understanding a specification correctly,the challenges involved and the satisfaction of coming up with an optimzed solution. 


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