My current Minecraft username is: LMPotter My previous Minecraft usernames have been: LMPotter – I made this name because, at the time, I shared an account with my sister, Madeleine and It was short for Lucien Madeleine Potter. Potter is in reference to Harry Potter, our favourite novel series. Once Madeleine got her own account I changed my username to LegendPotter. Next, I renamed my character in order to match my YouTube channel name L00SH_N_MC. Then came Loosh_14 which was an easier name to type and the number was my hockey jersey number. My sister changed my name to FleabagFletcher and I changed it to TheEnderFletcher which is my current Youtube Channel name. Fletcher, by the way, is the name of my almost one year old Chocåolate Labrador Retriever. But, I ended up missing my old username and so I changed it back to LMPotter. Verified on Discord Username and number is: Loosh#5630 I don’t mind getting calls through here but, I didn’t bother to get Skype although if it’s mandatory I’ll create an account.Date of the last time you applied for staff? (If not applicable put N/A)~ N/A. I did enter a submission this week, but it hasn’t been quite ready until now for you to read.I live in Canada. To be more specific, I live in Windsor, Ontario which is across the river from Detroit, Michigan in the United States. My timezone is Eastern Standard time (Such as Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario.)I’m currently Twelve Years of age, being born In 2005. I am in the seventh grade at a French language school. I grew up playing Minecraft, all the way from when I was nine years old. I hope this is old enough to be a helper on PVPWars because it is my favourite server. If it’s not old enough, I am sorry about that but maybe in the future, as soon as I am old enough, I’ll be excited to qualify for helper.I do have access to Discord and a working microphone. I am using my TurtleBeach Earforce X12 Headset. (Listed in question #3).Yes, I do have the ability to record. I use a software downloaded from the Apple App Store called Monosnap. I look forward to recording on this server for YouTube and for proof etc…I don’t have any screenshotting software that I downloaded, but I run on Macintosh computers (my 15″ MacBook Pro and my 27″ quad-core iMac), which have built-in screen-shotting using Command + 3 for the entire screen and Command + 4 to select area for screenshot. I can use the Minecraft screenshot if needed. I want to be a helper on PVPWars because I think it would be a good thing to do during my time. I live in a cold area so it’s not enjoyable being outside during the winter. I’m too young to get a job and I don’t have much to do during the day, besides school. During the summer, I will have tons of free time. Minecraft is one of my favourite things to do, and using my spare time in order to help out my favourite server would be awesome. I also have experienced a lot I would like to change and I’m sure I can try to do so with helper. I would like to help stop to the frequent scams which make game-play much less enjoyable and much more frustrating. I would like to stop griefing situations and help restore what was lost to players.I can contribute my very best effort, though it may not be huge, it is something. I believe dealing with situations in the chat such as scamming and hacking situations is something I can help out with. I have seen some excellent builders over the years and although I can’t build such highly detailed, high-quality structures, I’m quite reasonable when it comes to punishments; I know how long to ban, mute and why to do so and mostly how everything works. I take a positive approach to most problems I deal with and practise this with issues in my everyday life. Some people would be really tempted to abuse their powers but, I would restrain and refuse to abuse what I have access to. I would not give myself free stuff because it ruins gameplay and removes the challenge, it would get boring in time. Even though this rank is powerful I would never use it to troll anyone. I will be fair when it comes to punishments, and ask players for proof. I would make sure to communicate with the player being accused to see if they will admit to their mistakes.In staff teams, I appreciate how well they handle situations. I’ve been subject to many unreasonable situations, some just recently such as: griefers, scammers, hackers etc… and I really appreciate how lots of qualified staff members such as you, can handle these situations. I’d like to take on some of these responsibilities myself if I can.I really don’t know who else you have applying for positions, and I can’t guess how great they may be too, but I have one unique reason you could choose me, not necessarily over others but, I can speak two languages, both English and French. I think it’s a useful skill when it comes to dealing with chat dilemmas, even Discord. I love Minecraft because it allows us to communicate and have fun with people all over the world right from our computers.I can be relatively active on a weekly basis… Most weekends I’m active in Minecraft (maybe three to four hours a day). On Mondays and Wednesdays, I usually devote about three hours. Tuesdays and Thursdays are not the best days for me (I have Aikido, a Martial art) for which I leave right after supper. On Fridays I would be online for about three hours). Here’s my typical schedule: Mondays: Piano for a half-hour class, Tuesday: Aikido, Wednesdays: Nothing, Thursdays: Aikido, Fridays: I have Robotics class right after school, but it’s only for one hour; other than that, I have nothing else, Saturdays & Sundays: I play hockey, but just in the mornings for an hour.My experience in moderation is when I was around ten years old, I helped my older brother, Nicholas LeBlanc’s (sixteen years old, who was, at the time, fourteen) run his server and I had to deal with moderation in Minecraft. I was in control of over 150 players at times, and had to take responsibilities such as checking for problems when the server went down, finding all of the in-game griefers, hackers, and also resolving cyberbullying. I’ve also had to moderate my average life. I am always looking for ways to balance my time to do things such as walk my dog, get my homework done, hang out with friends and spend time with my young cousin and also to get to classes on time — all of the everyday stuff. If I was in a situation, and didn’t know what to do. I would handle it by getting the attention of a Senior Moderator and / or an average helpful person around me, who deals with situations, even in real life.My Minecraft experience and knowledge is quite a lot, especially for someone my age. I know virtually all vanilla Minecraft crafting recipes, I started playing single player Minecraft when I was nine years old (I know, too young…) all the way to now that I’m twelve years old. I have lots of normal Minecraft experience and enjoy Skyblock!Yes, I can give a good deal of advice to players; I know what is allowed and not allowed on the server, I explore the sky block server and know all of the different features, ranks (prices, how to get them), commands available, etc…I am happy to say that my submission currently has 1537 words. I tried really hard to meet your requirement without a lot of unnecessary filler. I hope you find the information I’ve given you useful. I would be very happy to help out! I know it’s a lot to trust a twelve year old and a lot of responsibility but I’m very interested in this server and helping out would mean everything to me. I am a very caring person, I am sensitive towards people and animals. I’m a good student at school and I learn quickly; I get mostly As and some Bs for grades. When it comes to talking and writing to people, I have good grammar and spelling skills in both English and French. I’m friendly and a bit shy but I can talk to people, especially when it comes to Minecraft. I’m an athletic boy and great at several sports. I got second place in Long Jump and I moved up to the Adult class at Aikido two years earlier than normal. My hockey coach is very happy with my Defenceman skills. This is just an extra note to let you know that I am accepting Discord calls to discuss if it’s a serious trust issue giving me this. I’m available for calls tomorrow from (Eastern Standard) 3:15 PM and later. Thank you! – Lucien Charles LeBlanc


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