Muhammad SaeedScience News Article                                                                    December 16, 2017 In the recent article Five things that happen to your body in space by Naomi Brooks, The Conversation it talks about the human body in space and what happens to it when it is in space. Space travel leads to many changes in the body including getting weaker, heart getting weaker, losing bone, fitness suffering, and immune system suffering. The first thing that happens to one’s body in space is the body gets weaker. Muscles make up the human body and help one to move and do many of the things we do on a daily basis.

The body responds to gravity and is used to it but in space there is no gravity so because of this people in space lose muscle strength. Gravity also affects the heart and blood. In space where there is low gravity the heart changes shape and size.

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The muscles in the heart also lose weight. The heart also beats slower and less blood gets pumped out. The human fitness also suffers because there is less blood flowing. This makes it harder to exercise. The human body needs a lot of oxygen to work and in space there isn’t much so humans get weaker. The human body also loses bone.

In Earth the human body sends messages to bones to make new bone if needed. Without gravity the bones don’t handle much weight and the bones end up losing weight. Finally, the immune system also suffers.

In space the body faces many changes astronauts sleep differently, they are alone, and there isn’t even gravity which affects how the immune system works. In space astronauts can come across germs more easily and can get sick more easily. This article is relevant to me because becoming an astronaut is one of my dream career paths. However, after reading this article I came across a few things which impacted my career choice such as the effects of space on the human body which include getting weaker, heart getting weaker, losing bone, fitness suffering, and immune system suffering.

After learning about these things it really impacted someone I outweighed the risks and rewards and realized that it is not worth it to be an astronaut and go to space but in return get so many problems with your body. Also, astronauts must go back and forth to space and in return can cause even worse problems with the body. Since astronaut is a popular career choice amongst young students schools should incorporate this in a human body unit just so the students know the risks of becoming an astronaut.Link to article


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