Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy has asked me to write a reference letter to escort his application for masters program in Physics at Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics. I am well pleased to give a recommendation for such a talented student who is at the top of his highly proficient and competitive class. I would particularly like to emphasize his thirst for knowledge which is reinforced by his determination and keen interest in science.

I have known Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy for the past three years. He is always creative in his ideas and tries to solve problems efficiently.

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He has good logical reasoning abilities, observational skills and potential to communicate and propose effective changes.Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy attended my lectures on “Computer Forensics ” and “Data Mining and Data warehousing”. During my lectures, we often discussed various computer science problems beyond the curriculum, and I was amazed by his extraordinary analytical and mathematical abilities and novelty in his ideas. His various seminars on new technologies are also worth mentioning.

He is indeed one of the best students of his academic term.Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy has striking ability to understand quickly complicated concepts such as Statistical and topological data analysis, which describes his strong background in mathematics which is very important to become a theoretical physicist.

One of the best example of his skills is shown in his seminar on “Random walks on graphs” which is related to finite Markov chains. In his seminar, he described links between pagerank algorithm and random walks and detailed how by adding in an small probability of jumping to a uniform random vertex, pagerank avoids many of the problems of random walks on directed graphs. It exhibited his deep knowledge on theoretical computer science. I feel that his careful and persistent analysis represent his capability towards research.During the period of my association with him, I came to know about his keen interest in Physics and his work on “cosmology” in which he published a paper titled “Particle motion and scattering in Finslerian Schwarzschild metric”. At first, I was surprised by his independent work and later appreciated him for his accomplishment. I hope, he gained enough knowledge to do research in fields like “Cosmology” and “Quantum Computation”.

Currently, he is gaining knowledge in the field of “quantum machine learning” alongside his work on ¬†project thesis. In all of these different areas, Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy has excelled all others in his class. I have no doubt that he remains an enthusiastic student, and someday successful in his field. I wish him all the best and strongly recommend him for studies at your esteemed university .


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