Moving on with the index, the purpose of index is to showevidence of what’s being represented, one example that would be useful forthis, would be using an image of smoke, further indicating fire.

Finally, asymbol has no resemblance between the signifier and the signified, as theconnection between them must be culturally learned. One good example would be bothnumbers and alphabets, if I chose the number 7, there’s nothing inherentregarding the number alone in any way necessary to indicate what it mayrepresent, hence why it must be culturally learned.         One of mysources convey that a man call Dan Roam thinks “we are all capable ofusing visual thinking to solve complex problems in everyday life”. He goesonto discussing that we understand schematically how the visual mind works, howour brains work is that it intentionally divides the way we see the world in 6separate segments. The first section he describes as who and what, the secondis how much, the third is where, the fourth is when does it happen, how ithappens and then finishing with simply why does it happen.

All these factorsshow how us as creators delve deep into the thought process of who we’re goingto draw, what we’re going to draw, how much we will draw, where are they goingto be displayed, using composition. Ultimately breaking down the problem andthe thought process of a creator by running this diagnostic. Furthermore, DanRoam explains the perfect example to convey one of the most successful andeffective visual communications through a conversation between two men in astory he was describing referring to the first official airline from Dallas,Houston and San Antonio, they did this by producing a map of the states,labelling the 3 major cities and connecting them by drawing a simple line fromeach dot that marked their locations, therefore creating a simple image of atriangle within a square and from this, made the iconic logo for their idea forthe successful airline that was to be, in the end, clarifying what kind ofairline they wanted to create. With all this in mind, with the finished smalldiagram of the three cities and the triangle conveying that in such a simplisticway, it proves that


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