Monica Johnson is planning torelocate her business to larger and more accessible area not far from hercurrent shop. This new location will have many benefits towards her business allowingher to improve and expand. Since Monica is planning to re-locate her businessit will give her a chance to re-structure and re-organise the flow of the businessat different stand points. In this report I will be discussing the actions thatMonica needs to take. To maintain her success as an entrepreneur. Throughoutthe report I will be demonstrating key areas that Monica needs to undergo andunderline them through different sectors.

The key areas Monica needs to presentare; operations, marketing, IT, human resource and account/finance. Operations:Operations can be referred as theadministration of a business which allows to create practise allowing the businessto become more efficient and effective. When analysing Monica’s business, Ihave discovered that as soon as her customer enters her business they arevalued and looked after by Monica or her employees. When a customer leavesafter using the service, they are left with satisfaction and pleasure. Butthere are some occasions that customers are unhappy of the service that hasprovided and that can be a problem because of the way Monica markets herself tothe community. The reason of this occurrenceshappening was that there was a confusion with the customer details.

The processthat Monica is undertakes is known as data cards which can be simple butcomplicated as the business keeps on growing and new customers are using theservice. Monica will need to change the way the business records and storestheir customers details. As the business grows the newer customers that decideto use the service the more complicated it will be for Monica and her employeesto have a consistent flow within the operations taken place within the businessallowing the business not to maintain a high standard service.

To overcome this problem one ofthe solution I can recommend to Monica is that a production of a spreadsheetthat has the capability to contain and store the details of different customersand their preference. For example, Monica’s spreadsheet will contain thecustomers details and their beverage preference (how much sugar they want intheir tea and the type of tea they want). When the spreadsheet is created therewill be an easy accessibility to information improving the efficiency needed ofthe business. Furthermore, this will allow improve the service and make thecustomers feel unique because the business values them by remembering what thecustomer likes. This will improve the customers overall experience and telltheir friends/family how good the service was in Monica’s business. If Monicacannot produce a spreadsheet she can hire someone to create it for her or shecan watch tutorials that demonstrate how to produce one. Monica can also askher current employees or the current staff that is going to be trained toproduce one for her.

This can allow Monica to save money by not hiring anexternal service to produce her a spreadsheet for her clients making her businessmore efficient and effective in the long-term. 


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