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Assignment 1

I chose Amazon; I chose Amazon because of the success it has brought Jeff
Benzos. Jeff chose to start the company originally as a book store when the
Internet was just starting and hitting a boom with consumers. Few other
companies early on sued Amazon over several reasons. Even that couldn’t stop
what Jeff had envisioned for this company. He would later purchase Whole Foods,
which would make his wealth grow to become the richest man in world.  

Amazon was founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos and is based
out of Seattle, Washington. Jeff Bezos originally wanted to name the company
the magical name “Cadabra.” His lawyered convened him that it was too
close to “Cadaver,” Benos also favored the name
“Relentless.” But, If you visit today, guess
where it may navigate to… He finally chose “Amazon”. He named his company
Amazon after the Amazon River which is the biggest of its kind in the world;
his image was he wanted to have the biggest book store in the world originally.

Jeff decided
to start his company as a “online book retailer” for consumers to purchase a
wide selection of books for a cheaper cost. He was able to get whole sale deals
on books from a man named John Ingram, who had stakes in Amazon; John Ingram
owned Ingram Books. Soon after Jeff’s success, Barnes & Noble would sue
Amazon on May 12, 1997, alleging that Amazon’s claim to be “the world’s
largest bookstore” was false. Barnes & Noble suggested that Amazon “isn’t
a bookstore at all, It’s a book broker.” The suit was later settled out of
court. An unrelated matter Walmart also sued Amazon on October 16th,
1998 claiming Amazon had stolen trade secrets by hiring former Walmart executives. This suit was also
settled out of court; it caused Amazon to place restrictions and the
reassignment of the former Walmart executives hired under the company.

Amazon is widely known for its wide selection of books, electronics, music,
furniture, and apparel. Like eBay, users can also purchase and sell items
using Amazons online
marketplace system. Amazon offers prime, which is two-day shipping, same day delivery
in some countries, plus exclusive offers to students. From books, clothes to
any item you want amazon will have it cheaper. Amazon buys though almost any (company’s)
and gets the items for a discounted price then sells for equal or similar
price. Amazon now features home services; such as two hours of detailed house cleaning,
plumbing and painting. Amazon has over 40 goods and services.

2017 Amazon announced that they had 541,900 employees in the third
quarter, up from a little more than 300,000 in the same period a year earlier. Put
Amazon has added nearly a of quarter million employees to its headcount in a
single year.

Part of
that growth come from its deal to buy whole foods market for $13.7 billion
 At the time the deal was announced,
Whole Foods had about 87,000 employees. “But Amazon also said at the beginning
of this year that it would create
100,000 U.S. jobs as it staffs up fulfillment centers and hires
customer service representatives. (
amazons sales of revenue brought in 135.99 Billion dollars.

runs for a global scale, Meaning it provides its goods or services in all areas
around the world. Amazon has operations in ten international marketplaces, those
are The United States, Canada, the U.K. Germany, France, Italy, Spain China,
Japan, and India, and customers in nearly180 countries, the e-commerce giant
connects retailers to millions of customers worldwide.


The works
with Amazon’s Global Selling program make it an international marketplace for
sellers. From product listing, communicating with customers in local languages,
converting currency, fulfilling international shipments, navigating customs and
duties the Amazon marketplace is a one-stop shop for global retail. Amazon’s
Global Selling program offers key features and tools that retailers can benefit
from as they enter and expand business internationally.


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