Modern Day SchoolsAnjali Ravi8th EnglishMrs. Cid19 January 2018″We need to figure out how to build systems and structures that allow good people of honest intent to do great things together.”- Chris Lehmann. It is important that we find what systems and structures work for students to make education better. In building a new high school, it is crucial to instill systems so students can flourish. To create this kind of environment, a new high school should include the following features; computer labs, project-based learning, and block schedules.

Computer labs are a great resource for schools to help students prepare for the future and to help students who don’t own a computer.  Computer labs can help students prepare for college by teaching typing and proper computer etiquette.  More than 50% of today’s jobs need some degree of technology skills, and experts say that percentage will increase to 88% in the next decade. (Citation here)  Computer labs are also important because a lot of kids don’t have computers at home. If a student does not have a computer it can be a challenge to access information. Another feature a new school should have is project-based learning. One way that project-based learning benefits students is that it teaches modern skills. In the curriculum, the students collaborate, use critical thinking, use their creativity, and communicate.

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These are all great skills for students’ futures. Project-based learning includes working with real-world problems.  Students will do projects, use technology, communicate, and use creative skills. “There are students who are good at the game of school. This was me in high school.

Tell me the assignment and I was good to go. We have to give students permission to think, not teach them what to think.”-Chris Lehmann. (citation) Lehmann is talking about the importance of students understanding concepts. Students will be more likely to understand concepts and remember facts when project-based learning is applied. Students are able to understand the concepts better because they are involved in choosing the focus of their projects.

Another feature to add to schools is a block schedule.  A block schedule is a system for middle school or high school that has fewer classes with more time. It replaces the traditional schedule that has more classes and less time. When students have more class time it allows for a more in-depth study of projects and peer collaboration. It allows students to get a deeper grasp of the material. Block schedules don’t only benefit students; they also benefit teachers. A teacher sees fewer students during the day, thereby giving them the ability to spend more time with each individual.

Computer labs, project-based learning, and block schedules are exceptional features to have in a new high school. A computer lab is a tool that will help better students’ futures, and for kids who don’t have computers. Project-based learning is incredible because it helps deal with modern day situations and students are proven to learn better with this type of curriculum. Block schedules are wonderful because they benefit both teachers and students.  These are some awesome features that can be implemented in high schools.Works Cited


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