mistakes in my life because of high expectations and future planning that I try to enjoy the present and my time on earth.

Planning for the future could is pointless, no one knows if we’re going to be alive in the morning or in ten years, just enjoying life day by day is key. Armani’s answer about her current college experience is the answer I related to the most. Ever since I came to college, isolation has become a daily routine for me. Walking to class alone, eating alone, exploring the square alone is apart of who I am now.

I thought I’d never see the day that I would have to pray just to make one new friend. A year ago, I would have so many friends that I couldn’t juggle who to talk to that day. Armani revealed high school to be a simpler time where friends were abundatly available and you could truly be yourself. In high school, being on a dance team automatically gave me 50 or more girls to connect with on a daily basis.

Having dance practice everyday helped me bond with all these girls very quickly and as I graduated I was devastated to never see my friends again. If I was ever asked about how I changed since I came to Texas State I would reveal and answer indetical to Armani’s.Hearing three different perspectives other than mine on everyday topics revealed to me how different our world has become. Centuries ago, speaking out about your own opinions would be handled ny punishment or conviction. Today, it’s widely encouraged ,our country has evolved into a melting pot of different ideas and beliefs. Projects like this encouraged me to go out and take time out of my day to listen to others opnions and ideas.

I loved getting to hear about everyone’s different outlooks on life, it since has helped me shaped my own ideas. The problem with this world is that we tend to not listen to each others idea with an open mind but instead, bash on others for their ideas. Going out to find interviewees is always the easy part, but the hard part can be to hear different opinions and outlooks on life.

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