Missionof Sime Darby PropertyBhd is to become a leader that is excellent in thebusiness of property development by adopting1the Lean Six Sigma working culture and implementing it to accomplish theblueprint of transformational business strategy. Before Sime Darby Bhd is beingseparated to three independent listed entities which are Plantation, Propertyand Trading & Logistics from year 2017, it is first started in year 2012and ended in year 2017. The result is excellent with achieving RM967 millionsavings or increased revenue that exceeding its RM775 million target and evenreceives acclaim from PNB Quality Awards and American Society of Quality.

Waron Waste 2.0 Programme is also implemented to consistently eliminate waste andmanaged to improve over 2,200 projects with the savings of RM80 million intotal of RM190 million. Therefore, it demonstrates that Sime Darby Property Berhadis highly expected to continue with these programs that will increase theoperational efficiency that will lead to lower cost, assurable quality outcomesand increase revenue for the company.   Forthe Project Elmina, it shows that the property business is expanding. Despitethe market is competitive, the Elmina Project Phase 3 is able to capture themarket by having almost 70 percent of take up rate even it is only launched fortwo days. This shows that public is highly interested in the future developmentof the housing project, therefore it can increase the confidence of theinvestors to invest in the company that will generate impressive financialreturns for the shareholders.

  Longterm goalsSime Darby PropertyBhdlong term goal is to maximisingshareholders financial returns throughexpanding their business operationsworldwide whilepreservingand conserving the environment and natural resourcesto enhance the company’s sustainability value. This can be show that thecompany is continuouslymonitoring the energy usage and carbon emission in orderto achieve the target of the reductions. This evidenced that the company iscontributing effort in minimising waste and pollution to the environment whilesaving energy and other resources for the sustainability of the long termrelationship between the public and the environment.

Under property development, City of Elmina seeks toprovide the residents an ambiance environment for the comfortable of theresidents that creates a2balanced lifestyle between the residents and the environment. Project Elminatends to encourage the residents to practice a healthy lifestyle by creatingparks and gardens, running and cycling track, and wellness clinic in the Elminahousing area. Targeted market placeSime Darby PropertyBhd wanted to capture consumer’sdream therefore the houses are build based on the aspiration of the people.Where, people at different stages of their life, they will have different wantand need on their lifestyle.3(RezwanaManjur, 2015) For example, at the young stage, people mightwant houses with modern design but when you have a family, people might wish tohave house with more space for their kid, with garden and park so that they canspend time together and so on.City of Elmina is mainly for customer with medium to high level incomewhere the price for the houses launch in City of Elmina is start from RM683,8884(The Star online, 2017) for a linked house and 3 storey bungalow withthe price start from RM2million.1There are many phase in City of Elmina and in each phase there will also bedifferent type of house with different build up area and design will led todifferent prices.

City of Elmina also target those customer with familywhere the houses is built to suit every generation. The architecture havedesign the house based on modern and classic style so it could suit every generation.This is also a freehold land that allow resident to pass the house to theirnext generation.Other than that, City of Elmina also targeted peoplewho wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. There are 8 different element ofwellness in this project. Where it have a central park with river that filledwith different fauna and flora that allow resident to get some fresh air andget close to the natural.

Besides, it also have a 90km jogging and cyclingtrack that allow resident to do some exercise on their free time in order toachieve their active and balanced lifestyle.2(VIKNESHASHLEY, 2017)Cityof Elmina is one of the successful housing development projects that were beingbuilt by Sime Darby Property Bhd and it had built City of Elmina by usingdifferentiation competitive strategy instead of using cost leadershipcompetitive strategy. City of Elmina tends to focus on mid to high incomeearners as the price of the houses ranges from RM600,000 to RM1 million. Thisresidential area had a lot of features which it had fulfilled the customers’needs and demand.            First of all, one of the features ofSime Darby developed Elmina is to fulfil the desired lifestyle of the citizensin Malaysia. Malaysian citizens especially those who were staying around thecity area were trying to find a place to stay, which could enjoy a work-lifebalance in their daily life. This is because they had been facing with majortraffic jams with hectic schedules which made them even more stressful. Thus, insteadof staying in places that is full of cars and polluted noises, citizens aremore preferred to stay in housing areas that give them opportunity to spendmore time with their friends and families.

Herein Elmina, it provides a quiet and peaceful environment where people are ableto go for a short morning walk or jog before heading to work. Instead oftravelling to parks that are far away from their house which is time consuming,people who lives in Elmina is able to just reach the park without drivingthere.            Secondly, City of Elmina alsostresses on building environment that is able to raise the health of thecitizen. City of Elmina had been holding a lot of healthy activities not onlyfor the citizens of Malaysia but also for people who are from other Countrieslike Denmark, Philippines, etc. On December 2017, Sime Darby property hadorganised Mountain Bike Jamboree in City of Elmina, this is because they wantedto promote to the citizen to have a healthy lifestyle as well as promote on thesuitability of cycling in City of Elmina, which will indirectly promoteMalaysians to live in Elmina.

            Not just these, Sime Darby Propertyhad also encourage residents and citizens to join any activities that werebeing held in City of Elmina which includes Yoga session, healthy cookingsession, planting sessions, etc and these sessions were being held in differentlocation in the township.Moreover, as everyresidential area these days are designed to raise the quality lifestyle of thecommunity, therefore, City of Elmina had also provided amenities and vibrantcommercial activities into Elmina which includes clinics, shopping malls,banks, restaurants, etc. The most obvious of providing residentswith a healthy lifestyle is that City of Elmina had been surrounded by treesand there are various types of recreational park, which provides a better andcleaner environment for the residents to stay in.


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