Minimum wage should not be increased in California, the wage has affected many lives and is only increasing the living status. According to 7 Facts about the Minimum Wage, since the last raise, $7.25 in 2009, the price of living has merged  nearly twelve percent. The value has decreased in the previous few decades, has also fallen by almost 20 percent since 1968, the wages have been increasing the living standards.  The minimum wage program was mainly depended on the worker’s standard of living, the book The Quest for a Living Wage: The History of the Federal Minimum Wage Program by Willis J.

Nordlund claims that the minimum wage programs were in response to the inhumane conditions of sweating, that involved low wage jobs, unreasonable pay, that it was impossible to live off it and to maintain an acceptable balance of a family life (Preface xi). Meaning that the wage programs were formed to benefit employees in harsh conditions and low wages, unable to provide for family living. Nordlund explains that the minimum wage rate was intended for ordinary employees to work decent hours and still be capable to earn sufficient to help their families at a modesty in the poverty. Today people believe the federal should increase the wages, as the minimum wage increase, the living standard increases as well, make life even more expensive as it is already, affecting lives and businesses.  The increase of the  wage in California causes a decline in employment in the youth community.  From Minimum Wage: Teen Unemployment, there has been some research done that have proven that increasing the wage sabotages jobs for low-skilled workers and doing nothing for the poverty. When the wages go up, employers end up to laying off or stop hiring teens because  of the opportunity to work being to costly. Low minimum wage jobs are  intended for teens, unskilled trying to get experience.

Those who want the raise are uneducated people and believe that they deserve more for a minimum wage job, taking the jobs that are meant to be for teens. Minimum wage jobs should not be for adults, they are for teenagers trying to make a little money on the side due to being full-time students. The youth community depends on minimum wage jobs to get through school, and their teenage lives without depending on their parents fully.

 Uneducated people believe they deserve better paying jobs, teenagers are supposed to be able to survive with minimum wage jobs since they’re still in school. The wage is not supposed to be a living wage, most workers earn more than the minimum. The Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American tank based on the Washington D.C.

, that gives information about demographic trends, social issues and the public opinion, presented data that only 2.6 percent of workers are under twenty-four years old that earn the minimum wage. Another reason would be those job are for unskilled employees, and are supposed to be part-time jobs, for full times students. The minimum wage was not intended for supporting families, or oneself, but to get experience for bigger things in life. An example would be a fast food restaurant, it is supposed to be a part-time, for teens and help them get experience with customer service or retail jobs for future more professional position. When the living wage was first created it was used to protect non-white workers who had families to support.

The increase of the minimum wage is affecting the economy, most importantly damaging businesses. On the Currently Speaking Blog, 5 Reasons Why Raising the Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea, the author, Ryan Peterson discusses that reducing the power of the Americans spending, if one spends less it creates a down fall for the entire economy, failing the improvement. The raise is affecting the economy, if the new wage is set low and closer to the labor rate, it would be a disaster to the economy and if set too high, then damage would be serious. Its harmful to small businesses, especially independent owners, in a survey by the National Retail Federation it revealed that thirty-seven percent of small businesses would be in serious damage if the minimum wage increased to fifteen dollars an hour. Also, once the wages increase, owners are forced to lay off workers, due to the raise of labor cost.

The only way to improve the economy by helping the poverty, according to How Does the Minimum Wage Impact the Economy, “an earned income tax credit would be more effective in reducing poverty, as it better targets those who need additional funds the most by providing additional funds to recipients based on income and number of children.” Even with a minimum wage paying job, if the federal would focus on providing for the children that would help families in need.   Therefore, if the issue is increasing or decreasing the minimum wage, the answer would be having greater benefits, the answer is not always a high raise.

According to Are Minimum Wage Jobs Meat for Teenagers, many will argue that, “But while $7.25 per hour might provide decent pocket change for a teenager, it won’t let a single parent feed a family of four. If the minimum wage is intended to be a living wage—enough to put a family above, and not simply at the poverty line—$15 might be barely enough,” When people think of an increase on minimum wage, all they think is more money, Effects of a $15 minimum Wage in California and Fresno state, “Increasing the minimum wage to $15 would increase earnings for 5.26 million workers, or 38.

0 percent of California’s workforce.” Yes, more high wage means for money but living will be more expensive, and those who earn more than the minimum wage declines their value. Every time the wages increase, expenses go up as well. Yes, the whole purpose of a minimum wage was for employers to not abuse of their workers, and have better working conditions. And because of the minimum wage program it set a higher standard for skilled educated people.   Works Cited “Are Minimum Wage Jobs Meant for Teenagers?” Are Minimum Wage Jobs Meant for Teenagers? | Squish Like Grape, “How Does the Minimum Wage Impact the Economy?” Talent Economy, 16 June 2017, www. Filed in Español By U.

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