Military drones are air machines without a pilot onboard used in war; they consist of weapons made for attack and urgent situations. In the United Nations, drone technology appears to have emerged and is also known as the UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and is being used for miscellaneous motives.

Therefore, their escalating use has presented innumerable nations with sundry organizational challenges incorporating the insurance of implementing the UAVs safely without anguish to public or national security. Following the 12 year civil war that ended in 1991, the Republic of El Salvador has achieved copious and prodigious breakthrough to ensure stability and concord for its citizens.Although the nation continues to struggle with mediocrity, exploitation and poverty due to several wars, natural hazards that have occurred in the past yet, considering El Salvador’s under-development, the nation has unpredictably contributed earnestly to allowing the access of drones for the maximum assistance of the country from all dimensions. There aren’t any governing laws concerning drone technology in El Salvador and essentially supports it entirely and hopes that this modern innovation continues to cultivate and become an asset in El Salvador.  El Salvador has frequently used drone technology and is taking full advantage of the technology’s positive uses and such benefits are improving civilian safety. The delegation of El Salvador, has recently launched drones for news reporting but, military drones use is minor in El Salvador due to the absence of financial resources. El Salvador faces extreme issues regarding drugs hence military drones and UAV’s are used mainly to fight and counter this issue with the aid of the United States.

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Recent use of unmanned air vehicle (UAV) was being tested at El Salvador’s Comalapa Air Base to fight war against drugs in May 13, 2009. The results were promising and inspiring. The UAV, or drone —called the Heron— provided officials back at Comalapa with sufficient information to confirm that there was indeed a narco-ship which aided in distributing illegal drugs. Navy commander Kevin Quarderer of Southcom’s Innovation Program states that, “This was a historic first,” “using a UAV for maritime counterdrug operations in a real-world setting with actual targets.” In addition, The Salvadoran government plans on using much bigger, high-priced drones purchased from Israel to witness and battle narco trafficking. The delegation of El Salvador hopes that the use of military drones is increased to help educate secure and provide for the next generations.



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