Military trenches were trenches that kept the troops well protected from their enemies small arms and sheltered from artillery.

It was like a big ditch you went into for the troops to go into so they wouldn’t get shot. They would dig 2 trenches so many feet apart and the two teams fighting would go in the trenches. They would all take turns and pop up and shoot. Who ever won would move down and dig another trench. Fresh meat was really hard to get.

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The ration of meat was reduced to 6oz of billy beef (corned beef). Most soldiers ate ‘Maconchie’s meat stew’ and a hard biscuits, that was the meal. The Soldiers did not get much sleep in the trenches.. When they were able to it was in the afternoon during daylight and at night only for about an hour at a time.

They were all woken up at different times to do their daily chores or to fight. They wrote letters and sometimes played games to pass time. The soldiers fighting the First World War was an exceptional circumstance, not normal. Life consisted of working very hard, soldiers had to keep them at the front supplied. The frontline Troops were rotated to ensure that their time was well spent facing the enemy, by taking balanced periods of rest. This rotation kind of helped the soldiers because with the balanced periods of rest it helped them keep fighting. The trenches were very muddy and smelly at times. There was always lots of dead bodies buried nearby, they stunk and the toilets sometimes overflowed into the trenches.

There were millions of rats in the trenches some were as big as cats. The soldiers were always bothered by the lice on a Daily basis. The men were ordered to attack, they would have to climb out of the trenches carrying their guns/weapons and their heavy equipment.

They would have to move through the enemy’s field of fire over the barbed wire. They had to keep low to the ground for safety. The soldiers objective was to reach the enemy’s front line.

That’s were the defending troops would be in their own trenches, they would be using rifles or bayonets to attack. Once they were eliminated the attacking force seized the position. These strategics were often unsuccessful and most attacks were very rare. The attackers often suffered higher casualties then defenders. The wounded men were carried/escorted back to the fields Hospital for treatment while the dead were buried. Weapons that were used were Rifles, Machine guns, Flamethrowers, Mortars, Artillery, Poison gas, Tanks, Aircrafts, Submarines. The Germans were the ones who introduced the gas to the western front in an attack.

During the war about 30,000 died from these gas attacks. After a short time experiencing the gas attack, Baron Empey was wounded in the face and left shoulder during an attack on German trenches.


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