Mikayla SkawMr. ChristensenGeography 9December 15, 2017The Heart of Orange County    Anaheim, California is a beautiful city. From its palm trees to its fun-parks, there is not a place you can go that isn’t pretty.

There are plenty of reasons why people wanted to move or visit Anaheim. Whether it’s Disneyland or massive conventions, Anaheim has so many reasons to be popular.    The name “Anaheim” is German. “Ana” refers to the Santa Ana River, and “heim” is the German word for home. Hence, the meaning “home by the river” (What’s In a Name | Anaheim, CA – Official Website). In 1857, Germans came to America during the German Revolution of 1848. They lived in San Francisco, California.

Of all the German settlers in that community, fifty families decided to move south. They wanted to move because of the large quantity of cheap land. This land was once part of some Spanish property.

The fifty German families bought 1,165 acres of coastal plains for $2 an acre. Because two of the families already had a wine business, they decided to have wine be the product in that area. This was the area’s economic infrastructure. They also made wine because of the area’s moderate climate (Anaheim: History – City Settled By German Winemakers).      Anaheim was the center of California’s wine industry until a blight in the 1880;s that destroyed the vineyards. Oranges soon replaced grapes as the majority of Anaheim’s agriculture. Oranges were already a good industry, but after the grape blight, the orange industry grew and developed wonderfully.     There were several reasons why the city’s population grew almost 19 times its original count in just 100 years (Historical Timeline – Anaheim Area).

    New editions were made to Anaheim which made it feel a little more like a city. One of these was the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce in 1895. The purpose of this business was to “build a strong local economy, promote Anaheim, build business relationships, represent business interests in government, and help political action” (Los Angeles Event).     For the next fifty years, nothing really changed. A couple of minor changes took place such as the Anaheim Public Library in 1902. The Board of Trustees established it in August of 1902, but the library had only 672 books, a set of bookshelves, a reading table, and two rocking chairs (Anaheim Library History Timeline | Anaheim, CA – Official Website).    The next big thing that happened to Anaheim was Disneyland.

Walt Disney had a dream of a magical park. Originally, Walt only wanted 8 acres for this fun-park, but he soon realized that that would not be enough. In 1953, he purchased 160 acres of land.

He had to clear the area of trees and houses to be able to start building.    Finally, on July 21, 1954, the construction of Disneyland began. After a whole year of hard work and deadlines, the park opened on July 17, 1955. By the end of the project, Walt Disney had spent $17 million. To this day, Disneyland remains the perfect place to have the best day ever (Just Disney). Disneyland is one of the reasons Anaheim is so popular. Some people believe Disneyland is the reason Anaheim is on the map.

It is also one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The population of Anaheim soared in the years that followed (Anaheim California – Community Guide).    Another major thing that contributed to Anaheim’s growth was the Anaheim Convention Center. It is the largest convention center on the West Coast. The ACC opened in 1967, and it is owned and controlled by the city of Anaheim. It is also right across the street from Disneyland. The ACC offers more than one million square feet.

Each year the ACC has more than one million visitors. It hosts an estimated 300 events each year, whether that be trade-shows, conventions, corporate events, consumer shows, meetings, social functions, or banquets (Convention, Sports and Entertainment | Anaheim, CA – Official Website). One trade-show that it hosts is the National Association of Musical Merchants.    NAMM is always in January. The date changes slightly every year, but it is typically in mid-January. IN 2018, the NAMM Show will be January 25 to 28. On January 24, NAMM does something called “Retail Boot Camp” which is basically an “all day intensive retail training session” (The 2018 NAMM Show).

The following days, retailers go around to different companies buying products for their store. They go to companies such as Fender, Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Yamaha. These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors that attend (Music Instrument News).

    Only 166,701 people in 1970 lived in Anaheim (Historical Timeline – Anaheim Area). In just thirty years after the opening of the ACC, the population doubled!The next things that happened for Anaheim was the Anaheim Historical Society. The Anaheim Historical Society was founded by two neighbors, Andrew Deneau and Diann Marsh, in 1976. The AHS’s mission is to “add, restore, renovate, share, and document the history, events, art, and architecture of Anaheim, and to preserve these memories and historical information for future generations” (Anaheim Historical Society). They believe it is important to educate the community about their past.    Another thing that also happened in 1976 was the Yorba Regional Park. The land was once part of a ranch, adjacent to the Santa Ana River, belonging to a man named Bernardo Yorba. Hence, the name “Yorba”.

 Four years before the park opened, the Board of Supervisors bought the 166-acre site for $3.6 million. Then, finally, after four years of preparation, the park opened to the public on December 16, 1976 (Orange County, California – History).    Anaheim then stayed almost exactly the same until 1987. The first public library in Anaheim had moved, leaving the building vacant. It was used every once in a awhile for whatever the city needed, but, in 1987, the building was dedicated as a historical museum. It has two galleries that hold local talents, a room that shows a chronological history of the city, and a Children’s Gallery (Google Books).

    After six years of almost nothing, Anaheim experienced something great: a hockey team of their own. Hockey was big in the early 1990s, and it had started to spread into new areas. Somehow, hockey found its way into Anaheim. The Anaheim Ducks were founded in 1993. It was named after the Disney movie “The Mighty Ducks”. The movie, starring Emilio Estevez, was about a former hockey player (Gordon Bombay) coaching a junior hockey team as community service since he had been arrested. This gave Disney the idea of a hockey team, and also gave Disney the chance to start the Anaheim Ducks (The Howler).

    At the opening game, Disney played their latest hit, “Be Our Guest”. This day, October 8, 1993, was definitely NHL history.    Ice skaters danced and the song played in the background. The words were changed to fit the Mighty Ducks theme. Disney also spiced up the song with a new singer, an electric guitar, and crazy drums. There was a fantastic light show, and any fan that was there was probably amazed.

    After Disney’s song was over, someone called the “Mighty Ice Man” came out and performed. He was dressed in white and silver. His face was painted silver, and he had a black hat and black sunglasses on. The “Mighty Ice Man” also held an electric guitar. He would yell out to the audience and get them up and in the mood.

There was some music in the background that made everyone want to dance. He yelled to the audience and asked if they wanted to see the mascot. Everyone yelled back yes. He told them to blow into their plastic “duck calls”. Everyone did so, and the mascot then came down from the ceiling on a rope and floated down to the ice. Epic music played as the duck took the spotlight.

The Mighty Ducks’ theme song played as the mascot strutted his stuff. Just after the duck stopped dancing and took his place in the center, the announcer introduced all the players. This definitely would have been a night to remember (The Content Strategist).

    Just seven years after the Mighty Ducks were founded, the population of Anaheim had reached 328,014 people. In 230 years, the population grew an astonishing 37.3 times its original count (Historical Timeline – Anaheim Area).    Although parking lots may be helpful, they could never be as fun as the Disney California Adventure.

The park wasn’t always smiled upon though. After its opening in 2001, the park was ridiculed, and people thought it was tacky. People even thought that the parking lot it replaced was of higher value. The park started out as a “poorly organized concrete jungle with more puns than quality attractions”. They even changed the name from Disney’s California Adventure to Disney California Adventure.

They wanted to rid the park of anything “2001”. After ten years, the park had changed so much because of the power of the people. $1.5 billion was put into the suffering park. It reopened on June 15, 2012, as Disney’s third strongest park in the United States (Disney Tourist Blog).    From its founding to what it is today, Anaheim remains one of the brightest cities in America. Although there were lots of concrete reasons people moved to Anaheim, one reason was the temperature and climate.

    With an average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 57 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, Anaheim is regularly a warm place to be (Anaheim: Geography and Climate). Anaheim’s annual temperature average is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Just because it is normally a warm place, doesn’t mean it can’t get cold. The coldest recorded temperature in Anaheim was 30 degrees Fahrenheit on both February 15, 1990, and January 30, 2002. Anaheim can also get really hot! The hottest it has ever been in Anaheim was 109 degrees Fahrenheit on September 27, 2010 (Record Hottest and Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Anaheim, California)(Joe Dorish).

    Anaheim is a great place to go if you’re looking for sun! It gets 280 days of sun each year. It only gets 13 inches of rain when the average U.S. city gets about 40 inches. Anaheim’s comfort index is 85 which is almost twice as much as the average U.

S. Anaheim is about 138 feet above sea level, and it almost never snows. Anaheim has about 23 rainy days as opposed to the 102 rainy days in the average U.S. city (Anaheim, California Climate). If you were to go to Anaheim, there is a 6.3% chance you will be there on a rainy day.

    Anaheim is a beautiful place. It sits on the plain of the Santa Ana River, which is about 100 miles long (Encyclopedia Britannica). It is the longest river in Southern California (Santa Ana River). Anaheim lies west of the Santa Ana Mountains. It is characterized by rolling terrain in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, but in some commercial and industrial areas it is pretty flat (Anaheim: Geography and Climate). The Santa Ana Mountains are covered by oak trees, sagebrush, poison oak, and brush weed grass (SummitPost.

org).     Not only does it have beautiful mountains, but it also has 360 plants growing on the 49.84 square miles that Anaheim occupies (Calscape)(U.S.

Census Bureau QuickFacts: Anaheim city, California). Of  the 360 plants, most of them are flowers. Some examples of the flowers would be Sunflowers, Island Morning Glories, California Evening Primrose, Catalina Mariposa Lily, and California Poppy. Sunflowers are yellow, brown, and orange, and they are annual herbs.

Island Morning Glories are primarily white, and they perennial. California Evening Primroses can be white or pink. They are also perennial herbs.

Catalina Mariposa Lilies can be white, pink, purple, or red. Sometimes they have a mixture of colors. For example, the petals being white but the center being red. These lilies are also perennial herbs. Lastly is the California Poppy.  The poppy can be an electric orange or yellow.

These flowers, however, are annual herbs (Calscape).    To accompany these gorgeous  flowers, Anaheim has beautiful houses. Most of the dazzling ones, sadly, are extremely expensive.

The most expensive house in Anaheim is $3,700,000, and it is beautiful. On the contrary, the least expensive house in Anaheim is $99,000. That $100 thousand house was built in 1978, and it is not very welcoming (Cheap Houses for Sale in Anaheim – 6 Affordable Homes in Anaheim). If someone were to go to Anaheim looking for a house, they should, 1) have a large budget because they average house price is $572,300 2) have a nice paying job considering the fact that the average household income is $63,104 and 3) reconsider their move based on the crime rate (Zillow)(Data USA).    Every year, there are lots of violent crimes and property crimes. There are four types of violent crimes (murder, rape, robberies, assaults) and three types of property crimes (burglary, theft, vehicle theft).

An average has been made by how many of each crime happen each year. Of violent crimes, there are approximately 21 murders, 369 rapes, 1,170 robberies, and 2,067 assaults. The averaged total violent crime is 3,627. Of property crimes, there are approximately 4,407 burglaries, 20,292 thefts, and 4,152 vehicle thefts. The averaged total property crime is 28,851 (AreaVibes – The Best Places To Live). Although Anaheim is a beautiful and fun place to be, statistics prove that it can be very dangerous.     There are about 350,000 people that live in Anaheim.

But what kind of people are they? Well, 51.92% of the population are white, 23.05% are other, 16.80% are Asian, 4.91% are Multi-Racial, 2.58% are Black or African American, and 0.74% are American Indian and Alaska Native.

Of course, when all mixed up, it just like a whole bunch of different people (CLRSearch).    With a huge city full of lots of people, education is vital. The people of Anaheim know this or else there would not be 72 schools, both colleges and public schools. There are 67 public schools. Sadly, they are not rated very well, and some not at all. There are 23 schools that are not rated, and there is only one school that got a 10/10 rating. Of the 44 that were rated, three schools got 9/10, two got 8/10, three got 7/10, five got 6/10, seven got 5/10, three got 4/10, eight got 3/10, eleven got 2/10, and one got 1/10 (Zillow).

There are only five colleges in Anaheim. All of them are small private colleges that offer undergraduate programs. Each college varies in price range. One of them costs about $33,000 a year as opposed to another college that costs about $7,000. Anaheim definitely accomplished the need of education beside the debate of whether it is quality or not.

    As a whole, Anaheim is a wonderful place. It has come a long way from what it was in 1857 and has grown wonderfully. Anaheim provides so many things for the world, whether that is business, entertainment, or just a place to live. For just being one of the sub-cities of Los Angeles, Anaheim is definitely one in a million. Works Citedhttp://www.

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