Midwifery offers professional care and support for thepregnant during and after pregnancy. The midwife provided health care services,advice and counseling, prescriptions during pregnancy, labor and newborn care.Midwife is a birth partner that often equals the importance of the malepartner.

The midwife is also the key person in the physical andpsychological health of the pregnant. She is the one that can help with thefamily planning, that follows all prenatal and order tests, the one thatadvises even about diet, exercise, how to stay healthy, counsel about pregnancyand newborn care and finally delivers the baby.The role of midwife is not only supportive during thelabor. The most important thing in case of pregnancy loss is the woman tounderstand that it is not her fault, so her midwife –or anyone midwife- shouldinform her with all the etiologies about miscarriage. They can inform thepregnant about the care that maybe need. Although, when they have to confront apregnancy loss she must be positive.

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The influence that has is importantbecause that period of her life the woman wants to be supported and she has tomove on because she feels guilty and emptiness. The midwife is also the provider of emotional,practical and social support. In case of pregnancy loss where such kind of lossis a devastating situation for the woman as well as the male partner midwifewill develop a trust relationship. The emotional pain has to be deal at once sothat the woman shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Then midwife will communicateeffectively  the stage of denial, anger,and disbelief as most of the women experience these kinds of emotions. Thereunion of the couple, the grief, and the recovery are the next steps to befollowed by the midwife.  She will bethere to make all above steps are followed and make sure that women will try tobecome pregnant again, free of guilt and prejudice.

Midwife according to the Bible means with women but themeaning of word midwife is also there for the male partner. She is responsiblefor the following up of the male partner as well. She will inform the male ofall changes that will be affected during the process of pregnancy and birth.

Most of the male partners have feared not only for the pregnant in casesomething goes wrong also the unknown after the childbirth. Most of them arewilling to attend the labor of the child but they must be first prepared thatthe procedure is somehow too personal and leaves mixed emotions. It seems fromdifferent cases that a childbirth can either bring closer a couple or drivenapart by it.

She will be the calming influence and the male must fall with herplan in order to manage the stress or anxiety of watching the labor pain andalso the fact that he can’t help at all. She is the one to sense the parent’sfear and reassure that she is there for them.


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