The American middle class is not comprehensibly defined in the social classes of the US. Splitting this social class into two makes it easy for one to understand it better. There is the high middle class and the lower middle class Americans. The high or professional middle class comprises of educated professionals who hold high positions in the organizations.

The lower middle class also comprise of skilled professionals but those that hold lower managerial positions in organizations. In other words the lower middle class people can be termed as semi professionals.

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Expectation of the American middle class

The middle class persons are commonly expected and known to live in comfortable standards of living. Considering they have what can be termed as stable ways of earning income they are significantly economically secure. The American middle class individuals rely on their expertise to sustain themselves hence they can be able to have a progressive sustainable lifestyle. They are people of substantial work autonomy which helps them to venture in sustainable businesses in their areas of expertise which gives them outlets to advance their living standards immensely.

According to the majorities expectation the middle class people are supposed to live in spotlessly clean houses have at least two cars and one of the individuals should have a job in a corporation. The advanced in prosperity mighty are in possession of luxurious items like televisions etc. The lower middle live in places next to the working class people and they live relatively comfortable lives.

According to the salary range, American middle class individuals are people who build up great strong pillars in the economy therefore they should be able to build stable and strong lifestyles. The expectation is well feed and economically stable individuals offering a hand in nation building.

The reality of the American middle class

Though the above is what many people would look for in identifying the middle class, a lot has changed in terms of expectation. The American lifestyle has changed and many people live together yet they are not married. Divorced people end up getting married again. These have contributed to high burdens of keeping up these big families.

These families have become common among the American middle class and hence they are progressively been accepted. Comparing the past and today, women today are employed and work as professionals. In reality most American middle class calls double income or two incomes for upkeep. To maintain the living lifestyle they are accustomed to. Keeping up their families especially those with children from other marriages which is a common occurrence in the American middle class needs two income to maintain the standards of living and the lifestyles they are used to.


In conclusion the expected lifestyle for the American middle and what is happening on the ground are two different worlds. The American middle class are going through hard challenges trying to keep up with their lifestyles which are due to high standards of living and hard economic situation in the world.

They should therefore learn to keep up with what they can handle and encourage two income to maintain their standards.


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