Mexico attracts huge crowds because of their celebrations,historical sites and with their rich soil,they have a superior vegetation.If the best soccer players come to play here in Mexico,they will earn a lot of money that they would like to stay here forever. There is a lot of culture that happens in Mexico like Lucha libre,Dia de los muertos(Day of the dead) and more.There’s also something called posadas were many families gather up on december 16th through 24th to celebrate lthere families with tamales and a drink called ponche.

In Dia de los muertos,in english day of the dead,they celebrate on the 1st and 2nd of November, is not just a traditional day of mourning but a day on which the deceased are being lovingly remembered.This is maybe one of the most beautiful days that could happen on Mexico than any other event.Another essential part of Mexico’s culture is Lucha Libre.

In the US it’s called wrestling,but the wrestlers use colorful mask to hide their identity. In Mexico,there’s a lot of mountains like popocatépetl or la sierra negra.What they all have in common is that they are steep.Sometimes,this can cause major problems on farming.

The climates of Mexico is very diverse because they have a swampy climate to a desert climate.The climate is like a tropical zone.Like Mexico is close to the equator,they get really hot summers and mild winters.

One of the coldest months is January and May is considered the hottest month.These months are great to go to Mexico’s great beaches that’s they have and to go to public pools. There is a lot of different historical sites like Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve or the Bonampak Murals.

The biosphere reserve is where all of the butterflies that migrated go.The place gets full of the butterflies and lots of people get to see it.The Bonampak Murals are located in the Mayan structures.All of the murals are ancient art that explains the history and culture of the mayan civilization.There are different rooms that each tell us something about there people and their life.They can also tell us about what inventions they used and what different cultures they had back then when they were alive.

 In conclusion,Mexico does attract huge crowds because of there beautiful Culture and more.People really like the Culture,Physical Geography and the Historical sites Mexico has.Thats why soccer players should go to Mexico to play here and stay here forever and ever.


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