Menwho prefer not to get their hands dirty, leaving the less desirable jobs forwomen whom may not be capable of handling such a heavy load are taking manyfemale positions. It is very hard for a parent that is divorced and trying toraise the family and takes on a tiresome job too. Strangeas it may seem, the woman’s role have not changed much in today’s society.Women still have limited opportunities in the business world and their role inthe family as a housekeeper is unchanged.

Moreover, being a woman, I havelearned the act of multitasking and handing many issues at a time as a resultof facing challenges of the society. However, society still thinks of women ashousewives and men as heads of the family. I will focus on many problems thatwomen face in the society. Being an Indian woman I could understand that it isnot easy to fulfill your goals. It is especially challenging when a person comesfrom a conservative family, because the society limits a woman’s ability byclassifying them as housewives. For instance, I wanted to go to California andattend the California University. But I couldn’t go because my parents weremore concern about what might Indian society think about this idea.

Moreover,they were then concern that I could get hurt and my personality might change.However, I feel that they just have a mindset that an Indian woman has tofollow their tradition culture and act the way society want them to. Therefore,they did not allow me to go California for my education. Men who have achievedgreat importance in industry, government, sports, and the media have become awell-known sight. However, women are still not encourage or admitted so easilyin these field. Women are still overpowered by men and have fewer opportunitiesin many fields.Overall,the rights and status of women have improved considerably in the last century however;gender equality has recently been threatened within the last decade. Blatantlysexist laws and practices are slowly being eliminated while social perceptionsof “women’s roles” continue to stagnate and even degrade back totraditional ideals.

It is these social perceptions that challenge the evolutionof women as equal on all levels. Subtle and blatant sexism continues to existthroughout educational, economic, professional and legal arenas. Women whocarefully follow their expected roles may never recognize sexism as anoppressive force in their life. Today’s society expects women to fulfillcertain roles. Those roles completely disregarded the needs of education andmotivated business and scientific women. .

Twenty four years ago the SupremeCourt decided whether women should have a right to an abortion. This decisionwas made in favor of women rights mostly because the court made a progressivedecision to consider the woman as a human who may be motivated by other thingsin life rather than just being a mother. 


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