Medicine has and will always be what I aspire to study. I chose this field to save and help people in need. My main goal for studying medicine is an interest in offering help to those people who have little financial support for these treatments. Possibly through Doctors without borders, a charity organization that operates in over 60 countries worldwide. They save people’s lives by providing medical care in armed conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, and other crisis situations. In my opinion, this is what makes the job so exciting and wonderful.

What I find interesting are the methods of diagnosis and having the knowledge of pinpointing the proper treatment for any disease or problem. My aim is to pursue a career in the field of cardiology. Cardiology is a genuinely compelling specialty because it focuses on the study of the heart; one of the most; if not the most; important organs in the human body. I chose cardiology because cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of mortality around the world as well as it is an ever-changing field of medicine. My biggest inspiration comes from my parents and two of my aunts who are all physicians. They all specialize in different fields of medicine which gave me a huge insight in each of their fields.

 They always motivate me and support my decisions whatever they may be since they talk to me almost every day. I feel that I have an extensive view of what happens in the daily life of a doctor. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to watch medically related documentaries and TV series. Not only do these activities take a huge part in advancing and improving my knowledge, but they also widen my perspective on how the role of a doctor can influence society. Such activities are regarded as boring by some people but to me, they are the pinnacle of my interest. I particularly enjoy code black as the most influential documentary that discusses real trauma cases which need to be solved in the heat of the moment as the patient’s life is at risk.

 In spite of extensive medical training and medical practice, being exceedingly challenging and stressful, for me, it will be rewarding and advantageous, particularly as it has been my aspiration for so long. I believe that I have the qualities, which are crucial to medicine, including a great level of dedication to medicine and the aptitude to dedicate my time to my field. I chose RCSI as it is one of the most prominent medical colleges in the world as well as the college my father teaches in; furthermore, there are endless research and elective opportunities including an excellent quality of education and development.  Therefore, I believe that all this, my knowledge in the subject, as well as my enthusiasm and dedication to my work, will be very useful in a medicine course at RCSI, and help me to achieve my potential.


I'm Erica!

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