Another way Chicken Run appeals to the older end of the target audience is that as the trailer unfolds, we see that the plot resembles that of The Great Escape. The chickens resemble prisoners of war, and the enclosure represents the actual camp. Some clips show the various methods of escape the chickens tried, these are all comical, as they all seem bizarre, especially as it is chickens that are performing these various stunts! It is comedy that is the main selling point of Chicken Run.Companies have to be careful not to put all the funniest lines in the trailer because the audience would be left feeling like they had seen the film before. On the other hand the funniest lines may be what makes someone see the film. There fore, you have to get the balance just right, and u cant judge whether they have until you see the film.Neither MI:2 nor X-men use humour to entice their audiences, they both use clips of fighting, car chases and other fast moving action. The speed of the action is reflected in the speed of the cuts between scenes.

In MI:2 the cuts are fast and jerky and the scenes have been cross-faded, the music in the background echoes this, it is a fast, rhythmic dance tune. X-men adopts a similar style of cutting between scenes of action to that of MI:2 Again a heavy beat dance tune is used to accentuate the pace and hi-tech aspects of the film. The editing also reflects a pulse, and the three scenes that have the eye containing the message of the film in them give the trailer that life like atmosphere as it is like a blinking eye. This seems more human than the rest of the trailer, which has a sci-fi, mutant theme to it, but this is to be expected as the film, X-men is about mutants.

Although the story line of X-men does not come across as immediately obvious as the action is a combination of a pastiche of action and the three quite prominent eye captions which give the biggest indication to the story-line. There is very little dialogue in this trailer, one line however, is seen as very important as the speed of the trailer slows greatly and Patrick Stewart says, “We’re not what you think we are.” Another way the audience finds the story line is the fact that the film is derived from a relatively popular cartoon. To know this the audience would have to have a prior knowledge of the cartoon, therefore the films appeal is already limited.MI:2 also relies on the audience’s prior knowledge of mission impossible, as MI:2 is a sequel and that was derived from an old television series, of which perhaps the most well known line is, ” this is your mission should you choose to accept it.” Both this and another well-known line, “this tape will self destruct in 5 seconds.

” Are spoken in a voiceover style by Anthony Hopkins, who gives instructions to Tom Cruise. The point at which the latter of the two lines is spoken the first explosion happen and from then on the pace of then trailer is much faster and the light sunshine of the first few scenes is juxtaposed by the now dark surroundings.The explosions are just some of the hi-tech special effects used in this trailer, there are lots of difficult, dangerous stunts, such as the motorbike “wheely” which would obviously have been expensive to do. This shows that the film is a big budget film, this is a ver appealing aspect to a prospective audience.Chicken Run does not adopt such fast paced cuts and editing, and is more chronological, telling the basic story line in the form of the dialogue between different characters.

The main character featured is ginger, the ringleader, she is a good leading lady as she appeals to the younger audience because she is gutsy and suggests escape. She appeals to the adult audience because a well-known British actress plays her. The reason behind more of the story line being revealed in the Chicken Run trailer is the fact that it is a child film, and therefore the parents must be sure that it is suitable. Because it is them that have the final say in the films a young child watches.This trailer does not appear to use special effects because it is an animated film, but the type of animation used is very complicated and time consuming.

It is mentioned by the voice over that Nick Park, the award-winning maker of the Wallace and Grommit short films, made the film. This confirms for the audience that the film is of great quality.All three film trailers used different methods to sell the film, comedy, action, famous stars, special effects, music, but it is well balanced combination of all of these that lead to a successful trailer and ultimately a successful film.By Laura Barnes.


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