MECHANICAL/CAD/CAM During the past ten years, as with most individuals, I have experienced both frustration and success in my personal endeavors. But regardless of what I encountered, being dedicated, I have continued to pursue my original goal of research in the field of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).My interest in CAD can be traced to the course of mechanical drawing. In the class, due to my poor physical drawing skills, I always made the drawing papers a mess. This little frustration made me fascinated with the CAD software the first time I touched it. I found it to be so natural and convenient! I wish someday I could develop CAD tools to help other people to overcome the same problem I once met. With this desire in mind, I studied most computer science courses by myself.At the same time, I finished all the required courses of design and manufacturing and kept a top 5% position within the department, which gave me a solid theoretical background. I also spent a whole semester interning at the biggest automobile factory of China. I cherished the opportunity and did especially well. From it I gained abundant practical experience, particularly in the area of manufacturing. My strong ability in practice and my adept skills in computer programming made me distinguished among my classmates.In 1994, I developed my first CAD program, a Transmission CAD system. The idea came to my mind when I noticed that the engineers in the frame department of the automobile factory were often troubled with complex computations and drawings. With the support from Dr. (name), my undergraduate advisor, I developed a program that was well received by the factory engineers, resolving most computational problems and providing a graphic library of frequently used patterns. It is at that time I realized the value of being a researcher. The feeling cannot be simply described as “exciting”. it is great! After that I applied for the admission of the graduate school of (name), whose research of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering is considered among the best in China.However, I encountered a rather severe setback. In my last year of undergraduate study, I spent too much time in research, resulting in an academic performance unsatisfactory to the demanding professor, and I also failed in the National Graduate Admissions Exam.But I never gave up my pursuit! On the contrary, I became maturer. As a college teacher of Computer Aided Design and two other courses in the following two years, I tried to make my class one of the most favorite among students and I succeeded. To make my instruction more understandable and interesting, I always think from the viewpoint of students. I understand that only by putting myself into their shoes and communicating frequently with them can I find what they really need. I also continued my research work. For example, I participated in a project “CAI System for Theoretical Mechanics”. My main focus for this project was to make the system more user-friendly to the students. I learned the learning process of our students and designed a system that is intuitive for them. With the two years of experience, I formed my own ideas about the CAD: to develop a good CAD tool, you must be a good designer first.In 1997 1 applied to (university name) for a Master program again. I won the highest score of all the applicants in the admission examination. I was admitted into the best CAD/CAM program in China. In the three years of study at (university name), I realized the spirit of the research: Creative. Instead of the common method, I tend to find more effective ways to solve problems. In the project (name), no longer to be satisfied with only developing a drawing and computing tool, I want to build a real “design tool” that could retrace the process of designing. After one year’s work, I completed the tool independently using the “Top-Down” approach. In the second project (name), to capture the intention of the designer, through analyzing the relationship between the features and assembly model, I developed a new algorithm to achieve the automatic design of the features based on the assembly model. As a result, I authored two papers which were adopted by A and B (both the journals were indexed by El).During my research and development, I feel I have achieved a deep understanding of CAD/ CAM. It is not just solving problems that arise in the design and manufacturing process, but more importantly it can bring revolution to the mechanical industry through providing engineers a new method of design and manufacturing such as: Concept Design to represent a design through form-function relationships, Collaborative Design to achieve seamless tool integration and better co-ordination of human activities, Concurrent Design to fulfill the integration of the product and process geometry with manufacturing knowledge. I realize the insufficiency of my knowledge so I have decided to pursue my doctoral degree in a highly industrialized country such as the USA.The Ph.D. program of Mechanical Engineering at (university name) has a worldwide reputation. Both the faculty and facilities in the area of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing appear to be especially strong. When I am reading the papers in the famous journals and international conference such as ASME annual, I often notice the familiar name of a member of your faculty in your department such as Professor (names). Also I find many projects of the (name) Laboratory really appeal to me. I think I am also qualified for them with a solid background in design and manufacturing, adept computer skills and my knowledge of design method, geometric/solid modeling, Artificial Intelligence, and Optimization. Above all, my devotion and creativity.After completing my Ph.D. program, I will return to China to do research and continue my teaching life. I hope I will be able to raise funds to set up a laboratory and build a good relationship with the leading CAD/CAM provider in China, to translate my ideas into an industrial product and assist promising students to fulfill their dreams. 


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