1. Get a string and stick it with a small bob.

 2. Hold the string by a clamp. 3. Ruler to measure the length of string. 4. Start from 0.49m, and decrease progressively the interval by 0.06 meter.

 5. Record the time when the 20 swings (one single swing means a complete oscillation of the pendulum) are finished. 6. Record the time twice at the same length. If the time difference between the two trials is big, take one more recording to get more accurate data.

 7. Do the experiment until the length reaches until 0.19 meter.Data Collectionor this particular experiment, there exists an ‘uncertainty’ factor.

 The reason for the ‘uncertainties in measurement’ is the degree of accuracy is not really as precise it records. In this Lab, the length of string is measured by ruler, which is an analogue scale (device) and its smallest gradation is 0.005 meter, also the time is recorded by stopwatch which is digital scale (instrument) and its smallest division is 0.01 second.As a result, we can say that the length (in meters) has 0.005 meter uncertainty (which means the data will be rounded up at 0.005 meter.

For example, 0.49 meter, might be read as 0.485m or 0.495m) and the time has an 0.01 seconds uncertainty (which means the data will be rounded up at 0.01 second For instance, 1.40s, it could be read as 1.

39s or 1.41s) Aim: To determine whether a person’s memory focuses on the color of the words shown or the word which is written, whilst trying to match the color of the word in pairs and therefore taking more or less time compared to when matching words when the color is matching the word. Moreover to compare the time use of people who have English as their second language and native English speakers.Hypothesis: I think that a person’s memory will get distracted while their memory focuses o the color of words shown and the word which is written.

While trying to match the color in pairs. Compare to when matching words when the color is matching the word, the one with focus on 2 things at same time will take longer time than another. Furthermore, I think that native English speakers and non-native English speaker would have time differences, which the non- English speaker would take longer time than the English speaker, since the word that is written will first appear to their brain and might be translated into their own language, and then think about the color.The controlled variables will be the set of cards that we will be using in the experiment. Which is the colour and word shown on the card is different, and another one will be matching colour and word.

As well as the size of the card have to be the same for each type of cards, and if the card is being made, the word has to be at the same font and the colour same to be the same. The place of doing the experiment has to be same as well, because sometimes different location will give some effects to the experiment.In addition, the layout of the cards has to be the same too, which in this experiment, the cards doesn’t need to be organized in a row and column, it should be all over around a certain area on the table, shouldn’t be too part apart from each other, and shouldn’t be too close too. The same stopwatch will be used through the whole experiment, because the each stop has a little bit differences in the time. If everything above that has been mentioned is done, it will be a fair test.Independent VariablesThe independent variables will be the people that is going to be used in the experiment for testing if the time will increase more with native English speaker or none English speaker. In addition with none English speaker, there is also a difference with people who learned English for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and people who can speak really good English even though it is not there first language.

Also the cards that are being used is also another independent variable, the first experiment to test will be the matching colour and word, and another factor will be the unmatching colour and word.Different cards are used to test when the word shown on the card is different to what the colour shown on the card will affect the time they spend to play their memory game. Dependent Variables The dependent variables will be the used of time between the cards with word and colour matched together and cards with colour and words doesn’t match together, as well as the time difference between native English speaker and none English speaker.


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