McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fast-food service, that is serving over eight million customers in the UK daily. 80% of McDonalds resturants worldwide is owned and operated by local franchieses. The main merchandise of McDonald’s is serving hamburger, chicken burger, cheeseburger, breakfast, soft drinks and desserts. it is quickly growing organization; it generated 11th of September additional net profit in 2006 than the year 2007. In order to maintain its net profit within the market and create the company additional profitable McDonald’s is focusing to bring some changes.Strategic planning allows businesses to determine clear objectives and formulate a plan to reach these on them. Strategic designing allows an organization to create fundamental decisions or choices by taking a long-range view of what it hopes to accomplish and the way it will do. While the rest of the big company owners can identify, their business goals which doesn’t always equate to an efficient business strategy.

Companies that set up a strategic planning usually have a better understanding of where the business presently stands and what changes it can implement in order to achieve its goals. To make a strategic plan, the company needs to have an aim and business objectives. A business stands for three things which is having an aim as for what the company stands for, Goals/Objectives Direction. An example of a successful business is McDonalds. McDonalds aims is to provide food in less 5 minutes to customers. There are sub objectives which are are to serve good food in a very friendly and fun enviroment, to be a socially responsible company and supply good returns to shareholders. They also would like to be to be eco-friendly and to serve healthier food.

Moreover, McDonalds aims to maximize their profits, survive by staying in the market by earing enough money to keep the restaurant working and to grow to achieve new goals.  1st Business tool SWOT:               McDonald’s has successfully extended new items like coffees, smoothies, and Angus burgers, expanding the vary of menu selections. With a strong product providing, the company has grown income throughout the recession, notching strong will increase in same-store sales. Operations are unfolded around the world, which means the corporate isn’t exposed to merely once currency or economy. Even trading close to its highs, McDonald’s serves up sizzling dividing yields that top the 10-year Treasury. The yield comes with a aspect order of annual dividend hikes dating back to 1976. The annual dividend payment has gone from 55 cents per share in 2005 to $2.20 this year.

However, McDonalds have some weaknesses. It will be harder and more durable to seek out prime locations to make a group of golden arches. The U.S. is saturated with its restaurants, this growth can occur internationally, move potential cultural challenges. While the annual dividend hikes are doubtless to continue, the dividend growth rate has been slowing and most likely can still slow or change surface. As McDonalds have some weaknesses, It has opportunities which are There are opportunities for brand new restaurants outside the US, and McDonald’s has been taking advantage of them.


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