McDonald’s Employee Stakeholder McDonald’sbelieves that employees are important determinants of the company’s long-termgrowth thus McDonald’s prioritizes employees as its top stakeholder group. Theemployees are internal stakeholders since employees are working at thisrestaurant chain. Therefore, anybody who is working as a part-time worker orsomeone from the head of department is a McDonald’s stakeholder. And thisstakeholder group is interested in career development and fair compensation.Furthermore, McDonald’s also believes that their people are the face of theirbrand so McDonald’s is forming a positive impact in the lives of many byproviding through training and education.

Not only providing training andeducation but also McDonald’s is creating opportunity, encourage diversity,facilitate teamwork and reward achievement to their employees.   Benefits and Rewards for Employees McDonald’sreveal on its website that a career at McDonald’s is an opportunity to be thebest at what you do in an environment where you are valued and respected. Some benefitsand rewards for the employees who are working a fulltime job are medical,dental, life insurance, vacation leave, sabbatical program and summer hourswhich employees are allow to leave office early on Fridays during summer.  Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct  McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant companyguided by core values. One of values is that guiding their behavior, actionsand decisions every day is their commitment to their people. McDonald’s operateby honestly and fairly by Standards if Business Conduct including:§ Conduct activities in a manner that respectshuman rights.

§ Treat employees with fairness, respect anddignity.§ Ensure employees are working in a place that isno harassment, abuse, sexual or threats of physical violence.§ Embrace the diversity and inclusion ofemployees, franchisees, customers and suppliers.§ Treat equally and provide equal opportunity. § Provide a safe, productive and healthy workingenvironment.   Careers for Veterans Whereas a strongwork ethic and dedication to mission accomplishment, many veterans continue tofind it difficult to secure a position in the civilian workforce.

According tothe interviews from The Center for a NewAmerican Security, an employer perspective is one of the root cause. Someemployers expect that veterans do not completely fit into corporate culture,some employees think veterans as too rigid or formal and some are concernedabout future deployments and skill mismatch.However,McDonald’s ignored about the facts and believes that above concerns aboutveterans are simply stereotypes or small hurdles that can steadily be conqueredby providing training, mentorship programs and communications. In U.S. market, McDonald’swell-established a goal in 2013 to hire 100,00 veterans by the end of 2015. In2014, they broke the record by providing more than 100,00 career opportunitiesto veterans in McDonald’s USA restaurants. Moreover, more than 46,000 veteranswere hired in McDonald’s across the U.

S. in 2015. Consequently, GI Jobs rankedthe top “Military Friendly Employers” to McDonald’s USA.  Challenges Aschallenges, when McDonald’s is focusing about the career path, learningprograms and business developments, McDonald’s only partially satisfies theinterests of employees. That is why McDonald’s workers protested about lowwages in past few years.

However, McDonald’s improved its compensation strategyto satisfy employees’ concerns about their wages thus McDonald’s announced thatthey raised pay for workers at company-owned restaurants to $1 above the localminimum wage in 2015.  Opportunities  To build abetter learning experience, McDonald’s is always open door to education. One ofMcDonald’s commitments for people is to help further their education soMcDonald’s creates Archways toOpportunity education framework which include five areas:1.

    Higher Education Partnerships2.    Accreditation3.    Internships4.    Scholarships5.    Life Skills Programs. In China,McDonald’s developed partnerships with colleges and universities in 2014.

McDonald’s hired students for internship program and let them experienced aboutrestaurant training, life skills modules, brand experience and graduation. Asof July 2016, more than 1,600 students from over 100 colleges and universitiesacross China have participated in that program through McDonald’s restaurant.By doing this, students can earn not only money but also experiences for theirfuture. From point of McDonald’s, they got more manpower support in theirrestaurants.  Furthermore,McDonald’s has their own McDonald’s Hamburger University (HU) to providetraining for employees, manager and franchises. HU has seven campuses aroundthe world nowadays. Besides about how to cook burgers, HU provides training forstudents in food safety, quality, service, cleanliness and other restaurant andbusiness management procedures and topics.

Currently, in Brazil, France, U.K.,Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, more than thousands of students areconducting these courses in their respective local HU.  References 1.    https://www.military.




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