MBA is Master of Business Administrationwhich is a course that designed to help those students who are preparing themselveswith the skills and competency in business, accounting and finance, marketingand management.

Aim of Master of Business Administration program is to feedqualities of professional to the graduates and make them enable to cope withcertain competencies, to make them better managers and leaders. This course isdesigned to help young enthusiastic generation to develop basic management andadministration skills. Management course assists to increase managerial skills,self?confidenceand several aspects of career development.

Various modes of deliveringinstruction and course design have been applied by most business schools tocater the needs and requirements of the clients. Many Universities provide oneyear management course due to competition. The MBA syllabus should be addressingthe capability of the students to venture with innovative ideas. Improvement ofproducts and services may start indirectly from the college, Institutions, wherestudents are taught and trained to be more knowledgeable and skillfulprofessionals and workers after graduation. Therefore, a holistic studentdevelop program must be formulated based on the employability and skills of thegraduates to ensure that the program educational objectives and studentoutcomes of the MBA program would be fruitful. 1.Statement of the problem            There is no doubt, Management courseis the main attraction of graduate students of Punjab those willing to beprofessional. They take it as social status but due to competition among manyinstitutions.

There is an issue rising for young graduates for choosing a rightinstitution as per their expectation. There is need to know what are the factorsthose motivates them to take admission in professional course like, MBAaccording to their choice. Due to heavy competition aspiring candidates are ina fix for choosing institute.  On theother side, Institutes are facing challenge in attracting students andsatisfying their parents as per their expectations. On the other hand, Parentsand Student are also confused in making decision of choice in right instituteand barriers in the way to become the developed nation.  Punjab is state having aspiring young andenergetic, with full of enthusiasm graduates those are willing to do somethingfor the state and country by gaining professional education.

 But, inappropriate marketing channelsaccording to market level also confuse to choose a best Institute. No doubt,number of  professionals are passing yearby year but they are have less job opportunities because they are not havingcapability to grab an opportunity with the skills they are having. Managementprofessionals are not upto mark as per expectation of the corporate world thatrequired the right candidate, those having efficient job skills. So, it revealsthat there is a big gap between student’s expectations and experience ofgetting admitted and job expectations aftercompleting study. In India Today expressed news that 93 per cent MBA graduates are unemployable:Problems with management education in India. Midstthe tens of thousands of management graduates churned out by the 5,500B-schools in the country, only 7 per cent turn out to be employable, says astudy conducted by ASSOCHAM. Except the IIMs, only a few of these managementinstitutes are able to boast of quality management education that can helptheir graduates secure employment.MBA graduates are spending lakhs ofrupees on their management education, but after graduating, most of them areearning a measly 8000 to 10,000 rupees per month-that too, only when they areable to find placements.

Campus recruitments have gone down by awhopping 45 per cent, thanks to the economic slowdown from 2014 to 2016 and thelow education quality. As a result, 220 B-schools have already shut down in topcities such as Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow etc. Around 120more B-schools are slated to meet the same fate, this year.As President Pranab Mukherjee said in January,”? if (the situation is) not reversed quickly, we will land ourselves in ascenario of having a large number of people with degrees but not enoughmanpower with proficiency to meet the emerging requirement of our industrialand other sectors.”To get inputs on this issue, India Todaygot together with Dr Bakul Dholakia, Director General, InternationalManagement Institute, New Delhi, which was ranked the first among privateB-schools in the country and the seventh overall among management institutes inIndia by the NIRF Indian Ranking 2016.Managementeducation emphasizes on pedagogies like case studies etc. Instead of impartingpractical expertise attained from years of experience in domain.

(Dr.Bakul Dholakia, Director General IMI, New Delhi.)Anotherissue is also there that there is need to study student’s career intentionsregarding their future. Are they willing to do job or not? Is this only statussymbol for them/ job need?Thereis also need to understand the employability skills development among Collegegraduates for workplace entry.  Today’smanagement professionals those are entry level workers will increasingly needto develop a set of common employability skills that meets as per the changingdemands of the growing economy and expectations required by employers.

It ismore important to enhance and develop general employability skills than everbefore. Theworld of employment has changed; society is becoming multicultural withglobalization, so for surviving in industry is not easy with having soft-skillsas well as having technical. Today’s employers require employees to have softor non-technical skills in addition to technical skills. Employability skillsthat consider not only work knowledge, but also fully lass with attitudes andother abilities that are necessary for a Management Professional. Theseproblems can be solved by developing and supporting the Institution’s as wellas student’s intention for career and from the Institution level by provide qualityeducation among the youths. There is an urgent need to support and promote theyoung students to help them to choose the best institute as well as assistancerequired to institutes for using best marketing strategies according to theregional.

 So that they can surviveeducation industry and generate opportunities for others students as per theirsatisfaction also the student gap between experience and expectation can meet.Same as on other side for an employer he may higher work force as per his requiredskill those are basic in today’s corporate world. Institutes can help todevelop the required skills for future job seeking candidates as per their andemployer expectations.


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