Marketing plays a pivotal role in sale and profit maximization. However, the marketing strategy should resonate with the audience if success is to be achieved. The Avengers set a new box office record by earning over $700 million in sales during its opening weekend.

Critics and marketing specialists attribute this success to strategic marketing, effective branding, aggressive advertisement and promotional techniques. This paper will review the marketing trends used by Marvel to ensure the success of The Avengers. According to Jones, The Avengers movie tickets sold through Fandango broke previous records with more than 68,000 tickets sold in the fastest-selling hour (1). Similarly, the author states that the movie also set a new record for mobile sale (Jones 1). On Sunday, mobile sales amounted to 42% of the overall ticket sales. Jones attributes this success to the use of mobile and internet marketing trends, which are the primary choices used to buy tickets by most weekend moviegoers (1).

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Similarly, Faw states that the success of the movie sales was based on the five-year promotional plan that started in 2008 (1). According to the author, Marvel has actively promoted the movie through comic books, character merchandise (toys and action figures), TV and print advertisements, and strategic partnerships with shops such as Wal-Mart, Aeropostale, and toys R Us among others (Faw 1). These marketing trends helped Marvel to promote the movie and raise the targeted audience’s anticipation leading to the record breaking ticket sales during its opening weekend (Faw 1). On the same note, Woodrooffe suggests that the five-year plan, millions of dollars in global marketing and carefully selected celebrities led to the success of The Avengers movie (1). The author states that the combination of actors made the movie appealing to many different people (Woodrooffe 1). In her article, Woodrooffe states that each actor in the movie has numerous fans, therefore creating a marketing mix fits for multiple demographics (1).

She also discusses the gaming and mobile applications that have been used to spread the word across millions of internet gamers and mobile application users (Woodrooffe 1). In regard to reviews, Maltin asserts that the movie is among the greatest blockbusters yet. He attributes this to the fact that it is witty, distinctive and enthusiastic (1).

The movie critic further states that the movie is a combination of intelligently orchestrated scripting, imagination and spectacular special effects. Comments posted on Maltin’s blog page agree on the fact that the movie is a great showcase of what being a superhero is all about. People who have watched the movie state that it is humorous, action-packed and simply awesome. This movie makes people feel connected to a cause and value the strength of teamwork. Conclusively, this paper set out to analyze the marketing trends used by Marvel to promote their blockbuster movie The Avengers. To this end, various blogs have been discussed in regard to the authors’ views on the marketing strategy used to promote the movie. Strategic alliances, internet and mobile marketing have emerged as the core marketing trends used to promote this movie. Considering that effective marketing strategies determine the success rate of any product, using the aforementioned marketing trends will ensure that marketers get the best result from their marketing efforts.

This is especially so in today’s marketing environment, which is highly technological and competitive.

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