Many unaccompanied minors have parents who left them behind to go and work in America or they were at a really young age.

Some were as young as five years old and had to grow up without a mother, and sometimes their father even left them to find another family. Similar to Enrique’s Journey, Enrique’s mother left him and his sister when he was five, he was growing up without a mother, his father left him to have another family, he was living with his grandmother until he set out on a journey to find his mother. During the journey of these unaccompanied minors, they were struggling with many things, for examples thugs, gangsters, rapist, robbers. All of them have been faced at least of these examples, and it is really dangerous for them just to get past the border. They didn’t just set out just to get a better job, but they set out because they want to meet their mother who left them when they were really young.Thousand and thousands of unaccompanied minors have tried and get to this country, many have struggled a lot just to meet their mother again. Unaccompanied minors are also known as immigrants who are under eighteen and traveling without a parent or guardian.

Instead of letting them meet their family and be reunited, Trump or the president wanted to kick them out and send them back to a place where everyone is dying. Instead of keeping the drug dealers away, he kept the unaccompanied minors out, the president used over millions of dollar to build a wall to keep everyone away, he just ruins people lives, what they have gone past trying to reach America. According to Enrique’s Journey Afterword, “There are over 1 millions unaccompanied minors living in the US”. For some unaccompanied minors, after meeting their mother, they were able to know the reason their mother couldn’t return. Right now the president is sponsoring to hunt down unaccompanied minors and immigrants in Mexico and try to prevent them from coming to America, in this website called “The Refugees at Our Door”, it said, “The U.S.

government is sponsoring the hunting of migrants in Mexico to prevent them from reaching the U.S”. I think it is fine to prevent migrants to reach the U.S but doing what Trump is doing is wrong, deporting immigrants who have lived here for a very long time is something is way worse than preventing migrants to reach the U.S. According to this video in this website called “No country for lost kids”, from 2012-2014 the number of unaccompanied minors was increased by the triple amount of numbers of immigrants.

    You can’t really fix the problem that unaccompanied minors are coming to the U.S, but you can stop what Trump is doing right now. What Trump is doing was deporting every undocumented person beginning with the Salvadorian. To fix this problem Trump must stop deporting every undocumented person because there are many people who lived here very long time, some have become doctors, or had become what they wanted to be. These people do not deserve to be deported back after they have been living in this country for a very long time and have a green card, some even were born here and have an American citizenship.


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