Many people may be wondering which is better, a Bachelor of Science (BSN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) degree in nursing? This is a typically a normal question these days. Most people have different opinions between the two.

 There are some factors that will compare and contract the two levels of nursing. The key differences of nurses involves  the education, competencies, and nursing care as a whole. Education is a key that separates the ADN from the BSN.

An Associate Degree In Nursing is only two years and the Bachelor of Science In Nursing (BSN) is four years. You will learn much more as a BSN rather than a person that obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing (AND).   After college, everyone will have to prepare for some type of license. This exam is called NCLEX-RN. When considering the two degrees’ it’s very important to consider, skill level, training, advancements and a solid future of becoming a nurse. It is obvious that obtaining an ADN only requires two years of school. Usually, clinical and lecture are combined. Nurses at the BSN level will function at a higher level.

“Nurses with Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees are well-prepared to meet the demands placed on today’s nurse. Nurses holding either degree have critical thinking skills, interpersonal and teamwork skills, they’ve learned about evidence-based practice and they are knowledgeable. Competency has some distinct similarities in the beginning but evolves differently as time goes on. Research indicates that ADN and BSN nurses have hardly any differences when it comes down to skill competency when they graduate, but after some time after working in the field, a nurse that holds the BSN is more competent, has better knowledge in critical thinking and problem-solving skills This also shows improvement in the development of clinical judgment.Many hospitals today employ ADN and BSN nurses. Some ADN nurses have been practicing for years and are experts in the field. Some hold higher roles, such a charge nurse, preceptor and even management. During their years of work, it’s likely that they may have made a mistake that had a poor patient outcome.

Nursing care as a whole may be the deciding factor that makes these two level of nursing different. Nursing is in very high demand for students (to include patients).  One of the main reason for this increase is the recognition of the role higher education plays in improving patient safety. A Nurse that has a higher education can make a difference in patient safety in many situations, to include  hands-on administration of treatment and medication.  Experience is the key.



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