The supply management of the products helps the market stakeholders to determine their flow in the market from the time they were manufactured to the time when it reaches the customer (Mentzer, 2001). The product passes several processes before reaching to the end user including the storage and movement of raw materials, inventory processes, and supply of end-user products. However, this research paper identifies one consumer product that is manufactured in the USA and describes the manufacturing company for the product in terms of its market share, its product competitors, and its supply chain in the larger market.

In addition, the paper overlooks on the activities surrounding the product development and its introduction into the market.This research paper identifies the leather jacket as the consumer product for the deeper discussion. A leather jacket refers to the lengthy coat made from the tanned animal hides.

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It is typically dyed brown or black, although there are possibilities of using other colors. However, leather jackets are manufactured for different purposes including the association of sub-cultural practices including the music, police, motorcyclists, military aviators, and greasers, among others. They were worn for fashionable or protective reasons since they sometimes create an intimidating appearance.Most of the leather jackets are made using the animal hides, especially from the meat industry where they are perceived to be sustainable waste materials (Heidemann, 1993). The manufacturing of the leather jackets is a worldwide venture where most of the companies supply or import the manufactured products internationally to satisfy the increasing market demand. Among the companies, which manufactures leather jackets in the USA is the Schott NYC.Schott NYC is a manufacturing company based in New York and was established in 1913 by two brothers Jack Schott and Irving.

It is headquartered at New York City but has branches at Elizabeth and Union. The company was the pioneer of zipper jackets, which became popular to motorcyclists and actors. Moreover, Schott NYC made various types of clothing for US Army during the Second World War and later for other law enforcers. The entire Schott family owns the company privately.The leather jackets are the only products manufactured by Schott NYC, where their productions are driven by the innovative designs and use of modern culture for their brands. The use of innovative designs to make their products improves their competitive advantages against the product’s competitors.

For instance, the design of Perfecto jackets led to the popularity of the company since it was the first leather jacket to be designed for the motorcyclists. Such innovations aimed at satisfying the protective needs of the motorcyclists. The company also introduced a new design of leather jacket in 1940s, which was later followed by several new designs (Gellers, 1999). The evolutionally releases of the product revolutionized the American culture since the Perfecto jackets became a popular wear during the Rock and Roll movements, and extended its consumer taste to the rock movement.

The brand’s label “Made in America” creates the perceptions of the American pride and originals that helps in maintaining the American identity.However, Schott NYC sells its products directly to the consumers and wholesalers through their website where orders can be made for shipment to any person at any global location. The company uses its website to penetrate the retail market across the world. The annuals sales of the company are estimated to be around $6.5 million as captured in 2003 financial results, which creates adequate resources in the market against its competitors, as referenced in the International Directory of Company Histories. Its competitors include Energie, Marc New York, and Vanson.

They market share are unpredictable since.Another perspective of discussing about the Schott NYC’s leather jackets is its supply chain. Among the supplies and materials needed to make leather jackets includes animal hides and skins, often cowhide. Most of the Schott NYC’s raw materials are imported from different countries such as China, India, and Hong Kong. Among the companies that export raw materials to Schott NYC includes Ningbo Xindege Garment Co Ltd and Yantai Funua Clothing, among other suppliers. The NVOs and Carriers used to transport the raw materials include Shipco Transport Inc.

, Glc Ocean Lines Ltd, and Panda Logistics USA Inc. However, most of the Schott NYC’s imports are shipped through specific ports including Los Angeles, CA, Newark, NJ, and New York, NY.In the downstream supply chain, the Schott NYC’s customers include the police, motorcyclists, actors, musicians, sportsmen, and celebrities. For example, the Japanese Guiter Wolf, Marlon Brando, and Kanye West wore the company’s leather jackets during their performances. The company also sell its products to various distributors, retailers, and wholesalers. They include Amazon’s www.,

uk, and Wal-Mart and

uk are ecommerce platforms where the customers purchase for the product directly and shipment made on the purchased product. Wal-mart stores are headquartered at Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.


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