Mallory-Weiss Syndrome (MWS) Scenario: Persons, particularly females, in the modelingagency have a high standard to maintain a certain look. Their figures are usuallyslender, with little to no body fat. It is believed that these persons have tomaintain a certain body weight.

It’s no secret that to do so, some models go tothe extreme lengths of skipping daily recommended meals, therefore, eating aslittle as possible. An alternative to that is, if they do eat meals, theyquickly regurgitate their consumption soon after. Leading persons to thenbecome bulimic.

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Bulimia nervosa is the medical condition in which persons indulgein eating food, just to regurgitate it back up.This is where Mallory-Weiss Syndrome comes into play. What is MWS?·     MWS is a result of forced vomiting and retching.This creates increase pressure in the lumen of the esophagus, which then leadsto tearing of the lower portion (posterolateral) of the esophagus. This tear isrespectably known as the Mallory Weiss tear. ·     The tearing occurs when the mucosa in theesophagus is already damaged.

Aside from constant regurgitation, high alcoholconsumption can contribute to mucosal tearing.·     After vomiting (emesis), patients with MWS will experience acute pain or bleeding  Similarity; Not to be Confused with… ·     MWS can often times be mistaken for Boerhaavesyndrome.·     Boerhaave syndrome is a rupture of all theesophageal layers, dorsolaterally on the left side.·     There is often a high mortality rate associatedwith boerhaave syndrome. Epidemiology·     Symptoms affect men > women·     MWS makes up 5-10% of upper gastrointestinalbleeding Symptoms·     Severe paino  Located in epigastric areas·     Hematemesiso  Emesis of blood·     Hiatal herniao  Example; herniation of the fundus sliding upinto the thoracic region.Diagnosis·     EsophagogastroscopyTreatment·     EsophagectomyComplications·     Continuous bleeding·     lesions of the mucous membrane·     Anticoagulant drugs can lead to high blood loss. 


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