Malaysia is a multicultural nation consisted of about 30 million people which is Bumiputera, Chinese, and Indian. It made our country a relatively small and divided book market and such fragmentation has created a unique industry. The publishing industry has contributed so much to the nation in term of economy and social. It has set up a lot of job opportunity and also producing better generations in the future as good reading habits will lead to an intellectual and productive person.The industry has flourished in many countries as the result to the new technologies which has also contributed to the field. There are few book trade organizations that represented this industry such as National Book Council of Malaysia, Malaysia Book Industry Council (MBIC), Malaysian Book Publishers Association (MABOPA).

These organizations have contributed to the factors in the development of the book industry (Ng T. C., 2005).This emergence of alternatives publishing has enriched Malaysia publishing industry.

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It has created a wider range of choices in term of book concept, whether a nonfiction or fiction books. The readers are no longer trapped into the cliché and mainstream storyline such as forbidden love and other lame storyline. They also had been served by fresher and livelier idea that may provide a great escapism for those who seeks it.There is some news saying that the publishing industry is having hard times due to the economic factors that has affected our country in so many ways. Even though some has speculated about the death end of the industry, it still manages to survive and has shown many development and improvement. The existence and innovation of the book publishing known as alternative publishing has created a trend which has revived the dying scene in the industry. It all started with self-publishing and it has bloom the trend and rise of alternatives publishing that also known as independent publishing.

They came up with a fresh and new looks that reflects the creativity and uniqueness of the author. Indie books is a short forms of independent books that introduced and offer a more independent writing style that has attracted the interest of readers especially youth.


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