major project ” Dynamic auditing for cloud data”, this was based up on java and how JDBC/ODBC works. Due to this projects my practical implementation was nourished by my conceptual also allowed me to increase my proficiency through integrating Java JBDC technology and Servlets.

In addition to developing my java skills, I also gained knowledge about writing database client that connects to a relational databases  to execute SQL statements and then to process the extracted result.Concurrently, active participation in a number of extracurricular activities made sure that of the all round development of my personality.  On various occasions i’ve attended seminars, workshops and even participated twice in the National Level Hackathon conducted  in our college. I was even a member of IEEE Computer Society  student body of our college from my second year of Undergraduation where i was given a chance implementing the latest technologies in their workshops. Because of my coding skills and the projects i have done in the past, I was offered to become the webmaster of my student branch in the final year,  where i was responsible for hosting and updating the IEEE website of our college, apart from that i even hosted sites for IEEE events which took place. I wish to expand my comprehension of Computer Science  and use this knowledge to further my chances for a prosperous career in Software. Canadian education system is Internationally known for providing the best education. Pursuing  graduation in Canada  will  me not only provide a greater gamut of professional skills but also a much wider global perspective.

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Having a strong foundation in Computer Science field because of a  very  thorough undergraduate program made me sure to achieve  masters degree from a university where my thirst of curiosity is met and where i will be given an opportunity to work with the latest technologies.Therefore, I am applying to join Master of applied computing program offered by the  Windsor commencing in the fall of 2018. University of Windsor caught my attention due the fact that the courses offered in the program particularly advanced software engineering and advanced database were in my area of interest in my Undergraduate studies as well. The in-depth course Advanced computing concepts taught by Dr. Luis Rueda will allow me to acquire a clear understanding of the computers. Being taught those subjects  by the experienced faculty of university of Windsor will help me attain my career goals and lead me to a successful career. I am optimistic that my exposure to such manoeuvre would quite augment my knowledge base and add immense value in enabling me to attain my professional goals.

 I would be grateful if I’m presented with the opportunity of pursuing  my graduate studies at University of Windsor.With respect to my future goals, i intend to take what i learnt in Canada and apply it to the Computer Science Field  in my native country. 


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