Lydia Ko is one of the most famous, proficient
and skillful golfer in this world. Even if you are not interested in golf, I
assume that you have heard a person called “Lydia Co” in your life. She became the
number one ranked golfer in the world when she was 17 years old in February 1st,
2015. She is the youngest who became the top of the world.


She was born in April 24th,
1997, in South Korea, though, her nationality belongs to New Zealand, white. She
started playing golf from age of 5 years and moved to New Zealand when she was
6 years old with her family. She quickly became wonderful golfer and
surprisingly, when she was 8 years old, she participated a junior golf
tournament for under 19 years old. She made a wonderful effort in 2012, at New
Zealand and Australia open, she became the first female golfer who hold both
champion titles. At the “Women’s Canadian Open” in August, even though she was
an amateur golfer, she won the competition and become the youngest winner in
this competition. Also, in this year the won the “US Amateur Championship”. Because
of her effort that she made that year, she was presented as the number one
ranked amateur golfer in the world.

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In 2013, when she was 16, she won twice in
the LPGA tour and it is the first time ever to amateur to win this tour and the
“Canadian Women’s Open” as well. After that, she became a professional golfer. To
become a professional golfer, you have to be over than 18 years old and must
achieve the exam, however, in spite of the age of 17, she became a professional
golfer. After becoming a professional golfer, she asked for a request to David
Leadbetter, who is from America and the most recognized golf instructor in the
world, for becoming her exclusive coach but the coach said she is a wonderful
player and as he teaches as coach, if her score gets bad or become unable to
play, he has to take responsible therefore he refused the request. However,
Lydia Ko realized that there was something missing in her skill, and I felt the
necessity to challenge new things, so I asked for a coach once again. After all,
he decided to accept the request. At the “2013 Swinging Skirt World Ladies
Masters” in Taiwan, it was a first win for her after becoming as a professional
golfer. In 2014, when she was 17 years old, she won the first place in the “CME
Group Tour Championship” wining 1.5 million US dollars and was almost a double
of money total that she earnt in her carrier.


The following year, 2015, she won five
competitions and in February that year, she became the youngest number one in
the world ever including all the golfers. Although it was the first since
becoming a professional golfer, she became a third place in the ranking of the
earnings in the competition in the world. within a year, she earnt 2,089,033 US
dollars. There is almost no professional athlete who earnt more than two
million dollars in a year at the age of 17 including male. Therefore, I could
say that she completed great achievements. The biggest event in 2015 was Rio
Olympics. Golf was the one of an athletics event and she participated in the
competition. Unfortunately, she came in a close second so she could not get
gold medal, though she got silver medal. During the competition, she competed
with the Chinese golfer, Shanshan Feng, for second place however at the last
hole, she got excellent results, therefore, she won the second place. On the
third day of the Olympics, she had her first hole-in-one in her carrier so she
said, “nothing would make me happier”. Before the Olympics starts, in her interview
she mentioned that she is feeling nervous because there are lots of eyes
looking at her and feeling pressure wining and representing New Zealand, but,
she wanted to participate in the Olympics so she was extremely excited about
it. The result now, she got silver medal which made New Zealand really proud of
her so in consequence it was a fantastic game.


Her good point is she is impeccable. she
has advanced technology in all areas of golf. It is wonderful that when she
plays, she is clam and emotionally stable so it is hard to believe she is only
19. All the players who compete in the world are blessed with various talents.
However, there are many athletes who cannot use their talents. Becoming a top
player almost everyone will get scolded by people. However, she is not misled
by the comments, she has a proper way of thinking about golf, her mental and
approach to engagement with her practice. Even in her regular exercise, she works
seriously on everything so makes her have all the functionally that can be
champion. Usually, when people start to hit the golf ball, better than before,
they tend to skip or stop practice but she diligently practices keeping herself
professional golfer. The most important talent for golfer is patience, however,
continuing basic exercises makes you board and tired. Also, everybody lose
interest if we do the same exercise. In spite of boring practice, she did the
sedulously, and this made her world-renowned golf player. Having an ambition
and continue the basic practice, these can be common factors to not only golf
but everything.


She has not win the competition this year
yet and she is ranked ninth in the world ranking for woman. But use her skill
as powerful ammunition and become the best player in the world again. 


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