Gucci, my favorite luxury brand, is a worldwide phenomenon. This fact instigated their partnership with UNICEF since 2005. This implied that specifically designed products would be sold, with part of the produce reserved for orphans and the homeless children worldwide. This initiative has seen over four million children educated through the schools for Africa initiative.

Provision of healthcare services and clean water for consumption is also incorporated in this project. After working at the Savoy in England, Guccio Gucci started a diminutive luggage store, in addition to, a leather goods company. He combined the skills he acquired at the workplace with the unique talents of craftsmen in his native town. The brand picked up well such that tourists flocked his stalls and the goods were constantly in demand.

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This encouraged him to expand his production capacity and product range, with the aim of drawing more clients. The brand was well-liked with riders, who came for the signature leather pants when buying bags and other feminine accessories for their spouses. Acquisition of raw materials (primarily leather) was not easy in Italy during the dictatorship regime, prompting the designers to experiment with uncommon materials of magnificence, like hemp, jute and linen. This heralded the invention of unique products, most notably the bamboo bag.

It was an instant success, making it a favorite with high-end clients like royalties and celebrities. It remains one of their favorite signature brands to date. The 50s brought with them moves to Milan and New York. This period saw the signature green-red-green stripe become an instant success globally and an identifier of the brand. This product signaled the advent of Gucci’s establishment as global luxury product. Guccio’s demise saw his sons Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo assume control of the enterprise.

The impact was instantaneous, with the quantity of overseas stores increasing to Paris, Palm Beach, London and Beverly Hills. The interlocking G logo was also introduced creating a modish insignia with reference to Guccio Gucci’s initials. This same year saw the company customize a scarf for Grace Kelly, the Hollywood star. Their classic moccasin and horse bit costumes were made permanent addition to the Art Museum in New York. This age also saw an increased number of celebrities adopt their costumes and give stellar reviews for the same.

The Jackie O is a bag that was made famous by an American first lady. These occurrences boosted their profile immensely. This continued into the 60s, with stores opening in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Ready to wear collections were established which featured reprints of the GG logo. Leather jackets and fur coats were introduced in different sizes for male and female clients. Clothing lines for infants were also added to the product line.

Luxurious crocodile skin garments with gold ornaments were also introduced. The Beverly Hills flagship was refurbished into an exclusive portico to provide serenity and privacy to affluent clients. Currently, the brand is owned by a Bahrain based investment company. It still holds annual runway shows that began in the late 80s.

This was happened after the business was almost run down by mismanagement and lack of creativity. It was successfully listed as a public company before entering an alliance with French company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR). Currently it has other established brands for subsidiaries, like Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Bttega Venetta among others.

Future prospects are positive, especially with the company back to profit making and a new team of experts in charge of the major operations.


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