LONDON, January 30, 2018 – Adidas, aworld-leading sports brand, today announced that it is launching the creativeathletic campaign, Republic Of Sports (ROS UK).

Following huge initial successin mainland China for the past two years, Adidas is ready to expand thecampaign to Europe, with London, England, being its first stop. The 18-days ROSUK event will take place in SOHO Square with an official kick-off ceremony onMarch 23rd, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.  As a renowned innovative global sports brand, Adidas believes that everyindividual has the unique ability to stand out through creative imagination.

With the re-launch of “Republic of Sports” in London this spring,Adidas aims to deliver a platform that encourages youth and sports enthusiaststo challenge themselves and push the boundaries of creative possibilities withinsports. Also, never been done in anywhere else in the world, ROS UK is thefirst event composed of a joint-force from all six of Adidas’ core sportingcategories: football, basketball, running, training, outdoor, and youth.  Two of Adidas’ brand ambassadors, former captain of England nationalfootball team Steven Gerrard and supermodel Karlie Kloss, together willannounce the official launch of the event with a countdown and a ceremonialribbon cutting. Following the launch, Steven Gerrard and Karlie Kloss will eachparticipate in a 20 minutes experience session of the venue, which sessionswill be live-broadcasted on Adidas’ Facebook(@adidas) and Instagram(@adidas)accounts.  “Creativity in sports is the future of sports,” said GilSteyaert, Chief of Global Operations and Member of Executive Board at AdidasGroup, “We hope this new “Republic of Sports” platform willinspire the nation to take a more active role in sports and unleash theircreativity. This unprecedented sports activation is a testament to Adidas’ unwaveringdesire to promote sports culture and vision of becoming one of the best sportsbrands.”  The core value of Adidas is not only about exercise and sweat, but alsoabout helping people to discover their inner-self through sporting activities.Adidas invites everyone to become a creative pioneer with “Republic ofSports.” Registration for the kick-off ceremony is now open at


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