Lloyd Newson has made a huge contribution to the development of Physical Theatre. Physical theatre is a style of theatre which uses movement to show what is going on instead of dialogue. This makes the body the main focus throughout a storyline process due to the lack of dialogue.

“As a result it’s often abstract in style, using movement in a stylised and representational way.” ( A quote from BBC Bitesize – The Nature of Physical Theatre page one). However it can also be incorporated into styles of dance and music and often is used with audience interaction by breaking the fourth wall. DV8’s work with physical theatre is used in a variety of ways to show how to take risks, and to show feelings without any barriers. They push boundaries and question everything with both modern and classical dance which just shows how much of a difference they want to make with physical theatre.

“Their work is often described as existing at a crossroads where dance, sound and drama meet.” ( A quote from BBC Bitesize – The Nature of Physical Theatre page one.). Lloyd Newson would use his own knowledge of psychology and explore it within his work by showing connections within relationships, men and women, genders, desires and sexuality. This made DV8 stand out by being unique and using things such as dialogue, music, dance physical theatre and soundscape.

Physical theatre is something DV8 are commonly paired with because they use it within their work so much for effective reasons, they are able to use it to show a storyline and explore and develop characters personas. In an interview about his production of Strange Fish Lloyd Newson commented that his works are a personal journey for hum and are based on things he has experienced and that the characters are based around the actors that play them.Lloyd Newson has contributed to the development of physical theatre hugely within his 30 years of working within the industry. He has done this by breaking stereotypes of performance and used his own style and technique with physical theatre to push the boundaries and inspire hundreds of others.In Lloyd Newson’s production of Enter Achilles, he has questioned the line between something being personal and stereotypical by using styles of physical theatre.

He also intertwines the idea of Brecht within the show by leaving the audience to think and to interpret which kind of character each actor is on their own. By incorporating the style of Brecht into his work, he is able to reach out and connect with the audience on a whole new level. Newson has also used the subject of politics and social issues within another production of his called ‘Can We Talk About This?’.

He uses physical theatre to show how complicated and fragile these issues are. Throughout the course of the show a theme of multiculturalism, separatism and islam is heavily addressed. By using physical theatre within this “words and bodywork were combined to express what is sometimes difficult to put into words alone” ( a quote from BBC Bitesize – The Nature of Physical Theatre, Page One.).


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