Living in the 21st century, the term “global warming” has been heavily popularized by the media. Everyone is well aware of the dangers of global warming, yet the word has a very simple meaning: the warming of the planet. To someone living in Canada like me, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

When the freezing cold winds hit your cheeks on a dark January morning, your mind desperately starts to crave the warm days of summer. Although warm winters would be very nice to have, the rise in temperature will have harmful effects on our planet. Media and news outlets aren’t wrong when they advocate about the harmful effects of global warming.

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It unique problem, because almost all living things will be affected by climate change. From emissions of greenhouse gases from things like: cars, trucks, planes, factories and livestock. These gases accumulate in excess amounts in the atmosphere and cause a variety of problems. One example is that, these gases increase the average temperature of the planet. This causes the polar ice caps to melt, which raises the sea level.

The increase in sea levels will flood small islands and coastal regions, displacing millions of people. So, you can say goodbye to your summer cabin in Florida, because coastal regions will start to flood in the near future. Unless we make an effort to minimize climate change, it is coming for you whether you like it or not. An estimated 97% of experts around the world believe that global warming is a very real phenomena, so this isn’t some conspiracy theory put forward by the government to collect carbon tax from its citizens. I have come up with the plan, which will put an end to global warming. I propose that our way of living should be reverted to how our ancestors lived. Global warming is a fairly new phenomenon that has occurred because of modern advancements.

So, if we adapt to the lifestyle of humans living in the 1500s, we won’t have this problem anymore. People will ask questions such as, “Why would we leave our comfortable lifestyle of the 21st century, to go and live the harsh lifestyle of the Renaissance area?” My response to that, is that if we don’t change our way of life now, then there won’t be a habitable planet later on. All modes of transportation which produce emissions of harmful gases will be banned. Cars, trucks, airplanes, and modern ships will no longer be in operation. We will have to use horses for long distance travel, and sail boats for intercontinental travel.

Manufacturing plants will also no longer be in operation. This means that manufactured goods, processed foods, and technologies will no longer be available. This will mean that families will have to provide food for themselves from nature. We will have to either hunt or farm food for sustenance. Farmers will no longer have advanced machinery for farming, so it will become very labour-intensive. This way of life will create a lot of jobs due to the growing demand for labor. Farms will need to be cultivated manually and goods produced in manufacturing will need to be made by hand. When we stop depending on technological advancements which pollute the environment, we will be able to create a lot of jobs.

When we abandon machines which pollute the environment, they won’t go to waste because we can recycle them. Important materials like metals can be extracted to use in things like housing, bridges, or farming equipment.  I plan to enforce this proposal by creating strict laws against pollution. There will be big penalties for individuals or corporations who try to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These laws will be taught to children in schools and employers will have to enforce them in the workplace.We will finally understand what it is like to be human again.

The main problem with the modern world is that humans sit too much and are not active. The human body was not designed to sit behind a computer for 8 hours a day for to be stuck sitting in traffic commuting home from work. We are designed to chop wood, to jump, to run, and to lift things. This will be a great opportunity for us as a species to realize our true essence. When luxuries such a grocery stores and supermarkets are gone we will have to fend for ourselves. This will teach us how to function like proper human being.

We will get to use our intelligence for survival situations. We will form communities and depend on each other by sharing our resources, this will increase the chance of survival. This will help us create better relationships within our community.It is inevitable this plan will receive a lot of criticism from the public. People in first world countries will have a hard time changing their way of life.

International trade and travel will become painstakingly slow without modern planes or ships. Life will become much harder to live in general. Although these drastic measures may seem undesirable to most people, they are measures which need to be taken. We are incapable of making simple decisions such as riding a bike for short distance travel or making sure not to waste any food. Simple decisions like these will go a long way in combating global warming. If we are too lazy to make small decisions like these, then prosopsal like this one need to be implemented.

I want this planet to be able to sustain life for many future generations to come. I wish that future descendants of mine will be able to experience nature just as I am able to today. I am not making any profit off of this proposal, I have nothing to gain financially. I am looking out for the greater good of life. Science has yet to find any signs of life outside of our solar system. Therefore it makes life a very rare phenomenon.

We are fortunate enough to have a planet which has the ideal conditions of life. We should take good care of this planet because it is a rare commodity that we call home. We have nowhere else to go.


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