Human history saw many examples when knowledge meant everything for people because the information and ability and opportunity to acquire it was something more than simply data from books, this was independence in terms of thoughts and the ways of expressing one’s ideas. So, people strove for knowledge, for free access to information, and means of obtaining knowledge. The modern world changed greatly and literacy is not associated with ability to read and to write; it has become a method of achieving one’s goals in accordance with the rules typical for modern people. However, literacy can still be perceived as a set of skills that enable a person to read and write because is it a burning issue of modern education. Contemporary society fights for higher literacy level because representatives of modern youth are not able to spell their names correctly.

Competency of educators is one of the burning issues of this day because the quality of knowledge depends greatly of the level of knowledge and effectiveness of methods applied by educators on different levels of the educational process. However, it can be concluded that educators should not assess their students objectively because students are discouraged by low grades. This vicious circle leads us to the illiteracy of the rising generation and irreversible consequences with regard to future generations. The modern world suggests many options on the ways of acquiring knowledge and gaining experience in different areas of human activity. People should be able to read, write communicate their ideas, and deal with technological innovations that include communication, storage, sharing devices and a great variety of other means of communication and learning.

As the level of literacy is not sufficient, it is necessary to analyse the reasons for this. The past generation saw the rise of technological progress and invention of various devices to facilitate human life and work. So, the means used by professionals to accelerate their productivity served as means of entertainment for children that are now students and young specialists. They can read typed texts and write electronic messages. However, the literacy problem is carried to the point of absurdity when it comes to spelling some words and checking the appropriateness level of the word use and other factors that contribute to the overall literacy level. People need literacy skills in all areas of human life and activity though some fields require a higher level of literacy as an option for effective performance of a company.

So, if a person cannot write without a word processor that spell-checks the message, he/she can happen to fail in the overall performance within business area, politics, administration, and managerial positions. The community demonstrates an increased level of cohesion and integrity today. Individuals should be able to convey their messages effectively not causing misunderstanding to inform the global community about their goals and means of their achieving. In this respect, international non-profit and for-profit organizations, those engaged into commerce and cultural exchange should gain literacy skills to be able to share knowledge and experience accumulated in their native community. Every individual should be able to read and write to convey messages and share knowledge.

While international organizations try to solve the problem of literacy level that seems to fall dramatically, it is necessary to engage the community members into development of methods and techniques suitable for the current situation when a lot of mistakes are made and something should be done to enable current students obtain knowledge necessary for their adult life as independent qualified employees.


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