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Evaluating Assessments                  Assessments are such an important part of a high quality program,because they are the tools that help guide instruction and meet the needs ofstudents.  Each assessment tool has itsown strengths and areas of weakness, so they must be carefully weighed andevaluated to be sure the assessment is exactly what you need.  In my

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This paper explores thedifferent stages involved in second language acquisition and its significancewith reference to Pakistani context.  InPakistan English has achieved an official status therefore it is a secondlanguage of majority of the people whereas Chinese has the position of aforeign language in the country. Linguists have been studying and proposingdifferent theories on how children

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Communication is generally defined as “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, information or opinions by speech, writing, or signs.’ Communication skills starts developing from infancy, much before the emergence of the first word and continue to develop throughout life. Communication disorders includes problems related to speech and language and in related areas such as oral motor

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There isconsensus among many researchers and teachers that motivation is a major factorfor success in language learning, and befitting its central role, there is agrowing body of theoretical writing and empirical research that strives tobetter articulate and understand this complex process. ( Mercer, Ryan, &Williams, 2012; Ushioda & Dornyei, 2012) (As cited in McEown, Noels

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This presentation is to introduce you to second language acquisition and two of its primary researchers Steven Krashen and Jim Cummins. Second Language Acquisition is the process by which an individual learns a second language.  Researchers have come to find that the order which second language learners develop certain features remains consistent despite the learner’s


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