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  III.     Hard to maintain – if we add a new parameter for thecar, we will have to go over all the code baseII.       Many repetitions (like carMake is written 6 times) andit looks messy easy to make the error (there are errors in last two calls),this contributes to the low performance.I.         Business-logic code (the definition of car propertiesand

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In today’s classroomsstudents need many ways to learn. Most students have a very difficult     time understanding mathematical concepts. Manystudents, despite a good understanding                               of mathematicalconcepts, are inconsistent at computing. As students’ progress frompre-kindergarten to eighth grade, they should become increasingly proficient inmathematics. Proficiency should enable them to cope with the mathematicalchallenges of daily life and

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Ever since childhood, I am fascinated by science and technology around me. I wanted to become scientist because new invention and new discoveries always ___Fascinated__ me. I believed in “Life is a do-it-yourself project” and so in my childhood, I tried to open and understand the mechanism of each components. At the age of 13,

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Institutions ofhigher education are facing increased scrutiny to improve student learning anddemonstrate programme effectiveness. One of the primary components of effectiveteaching is student engagement and that engagement is critical for learning(O’Flaherty and Philips, 2015). In recent years, many instructors have movedaway from a sole diet of traditional lecture, with the occasional short-answerquestion to the class

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Evaluating Assessments                  Assessments are such an important part of a high quality program,because they are the tools that help guide instruction and meet the needs ofstudents.  Each assessment tool has itsown strengths and areas of weakness, so they must be carefully weighed andevaluated to be sure the assessment is exactly what you need.  In my

This study was a prospective,cross-sectional, observational, questionnaire-based survey.  The study was conducted at a Tertiary care teachingmedical college & hospital in Navi-Mumbai and had a study period of 2 months.Permission of the Institutional Ethics Committee was taken. An informed writtenconsent was taken from each participant before being included in the study.The study included PGresidents currently

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1. The Teaching and learning process objective of the practiceCollege accesses the learning needs of every student at entry level to established specific learning objective, develop teaching -learning strategies and plan of action. each student gets an opportunities to learn at his pace and pass percentage is improved . The practice:-The teacher first introduce and


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