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A focus group was put together, in which the facilitator was asked to lead a discussion on the pro’s and cons of the use of a university intranet system designed to aid university students in their study. Six participants in all took part including the facilitator all were female and studying for a university degree.

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Essay Title: Outline one aspect of psychological development, which is often associated with deviant behaviour during adolescence. How might this problem be addressed? “Adolescence is a period of searching. It is a slow, often painful process of seeking and discovering, of acceptance and rejection. It is primarily a process of growth newness, and experiencing. In

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1. Collect all necessary equipment and plug in the light source (or ray box) into the DC transformer and then the transformer into a power point. 2. Set the power tuner to 12 volts (maximum) and place at one end of the desk with the bulb facing inwards.  3. Place the ruler directly in front of

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The hatred thrust upon the Japanese by other Americans during and immediately following World War II made it much more difficult for the Japanese to restore their pre-WWII lives. Japanese Americans were discriminated against based on their appearance alone and had to deal with a great deal of negativity from other raced Americans. However, it

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Schindler’s List takes an incredibly difficult topic, at which many have tried and failed, to a level never seen before in Hollywood cinematography. Instead of the usual glitz and glamour and sugar-coating over the most horrific of tales, it faces the holocaust head on in a bold and unflinching manner, almost saying these were the

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 Tia would harass Antoinette because Antoinette’s family, once a wealthy slave-owning family, was just as poor as many of the black families living nearby. Antoinette says there are “plenty white people in Jamaica. Real white people, they got gold money. They didn’t look at us, nobody see them come near us. Old time white people

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 “On the one hand, the politeness principle is universal in language usage.. . [but] to understand the politeness strategies of Chinese and use them well, one should understand both the Chinese language and Chinese culture, including the psychological features of the Chinese people. ” 10. The particular characteristics of a culture’s politeness practices can thus

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Womans in the Victorian epoch were considered to obey their hubby and conform to the societal norms such as maintaining the organic structure pure. A adult female who did n’t maintain her sexual passions in cheque was thought to hold lost her manner and would finally go shunned by her society. Womans were presented as

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2 Three main points of debate have carried on to recur in the way anthropologists discuss the idea of culture. The first point has to do with the degree to which a culture should be considered as an integrated whole; the second point has to do with the degree to which culture can be seen

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Security as the company will be putting company critical data into someone else’s hand. Security issues (But bestlaptops would not have to worry about this as their choice of implementation is Shop creator, ASP would ensure security) Competition would be intense as customers want quality products…. Bestlaptops would have to establish a customer relationship. Winning


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