Likewise, this theme is also displayed in the movie Schindler’s List. During the time of the Holocaust, thousands of Jewish families are taken out of their homes and put into ghettos, which are large prison type establishments that house dozens of Jewish people in one small apartment. They are then heartlessly separate from their families, “men to the left, women to the right”(Schindler’s list) and are placed in concentration camps to work for  Nazis. At first, the Jews have no idea that their destinies are controlled by Nazis, they simply think they have already gone through the worst situation, which is being forced to move out of their houses. But as time goes by, after the Jews sees thousands of terrible killings of their compatriots, dread starts to spread through the crowd like a contagion. Whenever they hear a gunshot, a look of hopelessness comes into their eyes, yet all they can do is to prey that their separated families are alive. Finally, driven by the desperation of being separated from their families, people lose all abilities to think rationally. One day, when a truck full of children drives past the female camp, all the people rush to the truck without thinking to find out whether their children are alive. For the first time, people shows no fear in front of the guns, they leave their own lives behind, just to have a glance of their children. At that moment, under the sound of gunfire and desperate shouts, the suffering and pain that is brought to broken families has been showed vividly. Every time when a Nazi kills a person, he also destroys a family full of hope and brings eternal sorrow to the living ones in that family.In addition, war brings people death and pain not only physically, but also spiritually. The influence of war causes people to lose their innocence. In Saving Private Ryan, Colonel Upham, a technician who is forced to join the rescue squad to serve as a translator experiences the loss of innocence through the impact of  war. First as a technician, Upham is not used to being in the front of battle. However, as Captain Miller needs someone fluent in German, he is pulled from of his desk job to fight with the squad. Through their journey to save Private Ryan, Upham still has a strong sense of morality, even after he sees a lot of killing and deaths. While others in the squad seem to be tempered and hardened by the war, as a result, their feelings of forgiveness have been lost over time. Also, Upham even pleads for a German soldier’s life who surrendered earlier. However, the German soldier who is saved by Upham comes back to the battle and kills Captain Miller. After Upham sees all of this, he decides to kill the German soldier that he has tried so hard to save earlier. Throughout the movie, Upham’s innocence gradually fades away as the war continues. He once thinks that soldiers can be civil, but he later succumbs to the evil of the war when he shoots the German soldier that kills Captain Miller. As a result, the war makes Upham finally understand the horrors of killing and become hardened just like the rest of the squad. This further exemplifies that war can make people lose their innocence and make them become a machine that kills people without feeling guilty.


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