Lies ofexaggeration, White lies, Lie by Omission, Bold-faced lies, and even Plagiarismcan all make us feel as though something that is false, is indeed the truth. Thereis nobody that can say that throughout their life, they have never told a lie.The fact that there are so many types of lies and strategic ways to lie in theworld, it shows us that many individuals believe it’s better to deceive andmanipulate rather than tell the truth.

     Thefinal category of lying will be the lie by omission. Many times, people are soafraid of what might happen if they actually decide to tell the truth. After anindividual does something wrong that he/she knows will definitely have a majorconsequence, they usually opt to lying to cover up what they did. They do thisby omitting vital facts from the statement therefore altering it to better suitwhat he/she believes the listener would want to hear. By failing to include thekey points, it created a misconception causing the whole story to be changed. Inmost cases, the consequence of telling a lie like this outweighs theconsequence of telling the truth. Afterall, it’s not the crime that gets you introuble, nearly as much as the lie used to cover-up.     Althoughthere are some individuals that lie for the wrong reasons, there are others wholie with good intentions.

This kind of lie is called a white lie. The reasonfor this kind of lie is to just simply avoid hurting someone’s feelings.Sometimes it’s just better if an individual doesn’t know the truth to simplyspare them the embarrassment, disappointment, frustration and hurt. This isdone by altering what you and others know and believe. At the same time, thiscould possibly be a scheme to protect their own feelings, and reputation seeingthat they are so afraid to tell the truth. In many instances individualsbelieve that if they told the truth, the other person would get upset andchoose to take their anger out on them.     Manytimes, individuals would lie by exaggerating because of pride and/or jealousy.People do this by altering the perception of themselves to something they trulyare not.

This is done to gain respect or something else from others. Theseindividuals paint a picture-perfect lifestyle for others to believe byexaggerating and stretching the truth, thus creating false stories to improvetheir true image. In an instance like this, the individual is not only lying toothers, but at the same time lying to themselves by trying to be something orsomeone they are not. Because of this said exaggeration, the individual thenlooks and feels as if they are better than a specific individual that he/shemight have been jealous of.

Although there are many definitionsfor the word “lie”, in my opinion, a lie is a method of deception that people useby implying something that is false, to be truth. Telling a lie is an attemptto make an individual believe something that you personally know is not true. Thereare so many reasons why individuals lie. The reasons people lie can be simplereasons like pride and jealousy. Or other reasons such as fear of telling thetruth, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, and finally, just to avoidtrouble (self- protection).

 As much asthere are many reasons for lying and distinct degrees of lying, there arevarious kinds of lies too. Some types of lies would be Lies of exaggeration,White lies, Lie by Omission, Bold-faced lies, Plagiarism, and even a simplebroken promise.


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