Libertarianism and utilitarianism are contrary to each other. In utilitarianism, people believe that an action that produces happiness is what one should go for. Utilitarian’s do not care whether what they are doing distracts another person’s rights.

Conversely, in libertarianism, a person’s action for happiness should not violate another person’s rights. Libertarians values actions that promote fairness and justice in the society unlike, the utilitarian actions that in some cases violates fairness and justice.

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Libertarianism and the Government

In libertarianism, the libertarians’ perceives the government as the one that threaten peoples’ rights. They rank the government as the greatest threat to human rights. In addition, the libertarians do not agree with the idea of governments to pass moral laws. It is not good for the government to dictate the life of an individual. They also disagree with the governments’ tax process meant for re-distributing purposes. According to the libertarians, taxing an individual to help another person is a way of forcing a person to work for another person.

Libertarians advocate for individuals to stand alone in the society. However, they require the government to develop rules that protect individual property, protect an individual from theft, fraud, coercion, and breaching of contracts. A person who breaks societal rules is against his or her own right of standing alone and is subject to face charges. In implementing these rules, the government would be playing an important role of protecting rights of a peaceful person from criminals, and foreign aggressions.

When the government violates these rights it is playing a criminal role and therefore, there is no need for a government. The libertarians advocate for the society to be at liberty in which individuals do not operate under rules that force them to do certain actions. In conclusion, libertarians advocate for a society that the government has limited control or a society where the government does not exist.

Workers Participation

Libertarianism promotes workers participation in various activities that are of their concern at workplaces. Workers can enhance their participation when they have freedom at workplace. Freedom allows the managers and workers to make decisions at the workplace together. It is also by allowing freedom at workplace that the employers can provide safe working environments.

Socialism and capitalism

Employers promote socialism by involving workers in decision-making process. In libertarian socialism, the factors of production gains control of the public, but respects private property. It also advocates for social organizations not to use coercive forms while handling workers, thus promoting workers relation. Socialism also extends to the market by promoting the owning of economic systems by the public in a market. When the public owns the economic systems, the society can control unfair competitions amongst the producers. Libertarianism is against state capitalism since in state capitalism the government has the control over different states economic activities. They view it as a way that the state uses to get profit from citizens.

State capitalism is monopoly in nature denying citizens a free market. Free market allows people to practice their freedom of consulting prices where supply and demand determines the price. Conversely, state capitalism does not give suppliers and buyers freedom to choose price. Free market reduces coercion forms in the market. In conclusion, unlike utilitarianism, libertarianism ensures that there is respect of individuals’ rights and promotion of freedom of choice.


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