Levelled Classes in TEV?TÖL



For many years,
students in TEV?TÖL have been separated
because of their levels. Have you ever thought that all the students are on the
same level? Is it possible? No, it isn’t. We should have levelled classes in
TEV?TÖL because students in TEV?TÖL come to the TEV?TÖL from different schools, they have different
abilities and every student have a different learning style.

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Students Come to the TEV?TÖL
From Different Schools

The ministry of education of Turkey shared statistics for the
2016-2017 education year. 14.684.664 students are being educated at state
schools and 1.204.963 students are being educated at private schools. It means
%6.25 of the students are being educated in private schools. If your parents
have enough money to send you to private school, you are luckier than the
others. He who pays the piper calls the tune. But unfortunately, in Turkey,
students in private schools have better foreign language education than the students
in state schools. Also, they have better mathematics education. Thus, all the
students are not on the same level because of their secondary schools. Governments
must pay more attention to state schools. However, Turkish Government attaches
importance to religious schools. That is why Turkish education system is not
developing. This shouldn’t make progress like that. Because of that, if the
students which came from private schools, and the students which came from
state schools are in the same class, then there will be problems. Students
which came from private schools can’t improve their languages and students
which came from state schools can’t understand the lesson. Because of that
reason, we should have levelled classes in TEV?TÖL. If we want TEV?TÖL students well-educated.




Students Have Different Abilities  

Students in the TEV?TÖL are special. TEV?TÖL has a different election system than the other
schools. They want gifted and intelligent students for their school. Thus,
everyone has different abilities and skills. Anyway, TEV?TÖL tries to improve their skills through its education system, clubs, activities
and levelled classes.  They are such
beneficial for gifted children. Also in TEV?TÖL, there are over 80 activities and clubs. Such
as; mechatronics club, drama club, MUN club, basketball teams, volleyball
teams, football activity, drums activity, writing a software activity, foreign
languages (Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Farsi, etc.), meditation activity,
gastronomy activity, etc. They
are all helping students to improve their skills and abilities. Furthermore, everyone’s
skills and talents are different. If we can separate the students which have
similar abilities, then they will encourage themselves. Their skills will be
improved with levelled classes. Thereby, levelled classes will help students to
develop their skills.



Students Have Different Learning Style

People have different types of way of learning. Such as visual, aural,
kinesthetic, active learning, reflective learning, etc. They have extreme
importance in learning. However, everyone has not the same learning style.
Someone can memorize something as visual. Another one can memorize something as
aural and another one can memorize something as kinesthetic or someone can be an
active learner, another one can be a reflective learner. Students in TEV?TÖL also have different learning styles like other people. All schools
included TEV?TÖL should do a test to the students for finding
their best learning style and they should separate students by their learning
styles. If the schools can separate the students which have the same way of
learning and educate them according to their learning styles, everything can be
better. Students can understand the lessons easily, they can be well-educated,
and they can be more beneficial for their countries. To prove that; in 2012, a
score of people decided to verify their hypothesis about “Effect of students’ learning styles on
classroom performance”. They did an
experiment. First, they separate students according to their learning styles (active learner or
reflective learner). Then, experimenters started to watch both classes.
Finally, they saw that students became more successful than their old classes.
This means separating students according to their learning style is useful,




Restatement of the Thesis:  Students in TEV?TÖL must be separated from their knowledge and
skills if we want students well-educated. Also, we must consider that every
student comes from different schools. Finally, if we want well-educated
students, then we must have a qualified education system. If we want a qualified
education system, then we must have levelled classes.










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