Letter of Reference for Student Mazin Awouda January 14, 2018 To Whom It May Concern, It is with great pleasure that I write thisletter in recommendation for Mazin Awoda for university admission through UCAS.I have known Mazin for the past four years,having served as his principle in Nada International School. I believe Mazinwould be an excellent addition to your university.

His attendance was excellentand he was always an active participant in each activity, Mazin also excels inextracurricular activities. Mazin has distinguished himself as the one who wouldvolunteer to support his school and community. He has helped our teacherscreate posters and fun visual aids for the rest of our students to benefit from,participated in organizing school events like Parent Teacher Conferences andOpen Days and took an active part in the school’s Community Service program throughassisting teachers tutoring math and English language to little children. Mazinhas also been a skillful player in many different sports such as football wherehe achieved the award as Best Keeper of The Year three years in a row.

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Hisability to cooperate and assist his fellow classmates also reflects his communicationskills and strong leadership abilities.In my opinion, Mazin has an array ofstrengths to help him graduate from university. He has demonstrated good organizationalskills, always handing in his well-written work on time or early. His abilityto lead successfully was evident each time he volunteered to be team leader ofa team activity and he was able to solve many problems encountered quickly andeffectively while listening to others. He has well improved over the past fewyears in our school always surprising his teachers with a new way of thinking.

Heis a friendly individual who is bright, motivated, and always willing to learnand develop.In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mazinfor the Course of Mechanical Engineering. Mazin would bring so much to youruniversity, both inside and outside of the campus.

If you have any questionsregarding Mazin’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me at (00966)561401969 or [email protected] sincerely Mohammad Wajeeh KayedBoys’ School PrincipleNada International School 


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