Letter of Recommendation It is my pleasure to recommend VINAMRA JAIN whom I have in the capacity of his professor inBachelor of Engineering program in Electronics and TelecommunicationEngineering. I have taught him introduction to microprocessor.In class, I found VINAMRAJAIN to be regular, attentive and alert. His participation in classdiscussion shows his strong grasp on fundamentals and creativity showinginnovative approach.

He frequently comes up with a lot of thoughtful questionsand shows enthusiasm in gaining deeper knowledge. Another strength he has ishis strong will to not give up and keep working hard to finish the tasks givento perform. Being his mentor for his major project gave me a closer lookat him and guide him. He has a logical and practical approach which could beseen while he discuss project related quarries and comes up with a solutionhimself under my directions. His well-prepared arguments and reasoning showshis depth of knowledge and his ability to research in his area of interest. Inspite of being an electronics student, he has shown keen interest inInformation Technology and working on making an application as a part of theproject to be compatible with the system to be implemented.    He was also a position holder (Chief Information Officer) ofSGSITS Robotics Club mentored by me and performed his duties with fulldedication and honesty.

He has a strong foundation and is always willing tolearn something new or improve his skills. Ha has made many small projects underthis club and mentored his juniors for their projects. He has always shownrespect for faculty, seniors and juniors and never hesitated to help or ask forhelp from anyone. He has shown great sense of teamwork and organised variousworkshops and quiz under the name of club with other members of the club.Apart from technical, he has also shown interest inco-curricular activities and was a part of departmental magazine committee witha position of ‘Coordinator in Chief’ and shown great sense of leadership. He isvery well capable to keep the team united and manage his team withunderstanding between him and his team.

He has great communication skills and goodsense of grammar which helped him in collecting the content and editing it forthe magazine. VINAMRA JAIN hasshown that he has determination to achieve the goals he sets for himself andhas the ability to learn in order to achieve those goals. I have seen potentialin him and strongly recommend him for higher studies. He is an honest anddiligent student and passionate to learn more and discovering furtherpossibilities.



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